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How To Renew your Medical Card in Pennsylvania

by AlexJordan

Renew your Medical Card in Pennsylvania

Renew your Medical card in Pennsylvania must be renewed every year. To do so, patients must submit a renewal application and provide updated certification from their physician stating that they still have a qualifying medical condition.

Renewal Process in Medical Marijuana Card

To begin the renewal process, patients can log in to the Medical Marijuana Registry and select “Renewal Application. From there, patients will need to update their personal information and upload a current photo for their card. They will also need to provide updated certification from their physician. After all the necessary information and documents have been submitted, patients can pay the renewal fee online. The renewal fee is $50 for all patients.

Once the renewal application has been processed and approved, patients will receive their updated medical marijuana card in the mail. It is important to note that the card will have a new expiration date and must be renewed annually.

Medical Marijuana Purchase with Expired Card

Patients need to keep their medical marijuana cards up to date in order to continue purchasing medical marijuana from dispensaries. If a patient’s card has expired and they are found in possession of medical marijuana, they may face legal consequences.

Legal Consequences include the following: 

  • Fines
  • Suspension or revocation of medical marijuana card
  • Criminal charges

To avoid these consequences, patients must keep track of their card’s expiration date and submit a renewal application before it expires. It is also important for patients to only purchase medical marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries. Purchasing from illegal sources, regardless of card status, can result in legal consequences.

5 Simple Steps to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card in Online

At Online Medical Card, we make it easy for patients to renew their PA medical marijuana card online. Follow these five simple steps to get your card with us:

1.Schedule an Online Appointment

Our licensed doctors are available online for appointments to review your medical records and certify you for medical marijuana. They can also assist with the renewal process.

2.Complete the Online Application

After your appointment, complete the online application and upload any necessary documents, such as your photo and physician certification.

3.Pay the Renewal Fee

Pay the renewal fee online at checkout. After paying the fee, your renewal application will be submitted for review.

4. Receive Your Updated Card in The Mail

Once your renewal application is approved, you will receive your updated medical marijuana card in the mail.

5. Visit A Dispensary and Start Using Your Medical Marijuana

Once you have your updated card, you can visit state-licensed dispensaries to purchase medical marijuana for your qualifying condition. It’s that easy! Renew your PA medical marijuana card online with an Online Medical Card today.


How do I know if My Medical Marijuana Card is Expiring?

You can check the expiration date on your current medical marijuana card. In PA, you need to renew your medical card every year to get benefits from medical marijuana.

Can I Renew My Medical Marijuana Card earlier than the Expiration date? 

Yes, you can renew your medical marijuana card before it expires. However, it is important to note that your new card will still have a one-year expiration date from the date of approval for the renewal application.

What happens if I don’t Renew My Medical Marijuana Card before it Expires? 

If you do not renew your medical marijuana card before it expires, you will no longer be able to purchase medical marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries legally.

Can I Renew My Medical Marijuana Card at a Dispensary? 

No, you cannot renew your medical marijuana card at a dispensary in PA. You can only renew your card through the PA Department of Health or with a licensed physician. Online Medical Card offers renewal appointments with licensed doctors online for convenience.


We hope our guide to medical card renewal PA online helps make the process easier for patients. Remember to keep track of your card’s expiration date and renew it before it expires to continue legally purchasing. If you have any questions about the medical card renewal PA process, contact us; we will help you with every step of your medical marijuana journey.

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