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How to Prevent Termites From Eating Your Fence

How to Prevent Termites From Eating Your Fence

by Alexei

  How to Prevent Termites From Eating Your Fence


Your property can benefit from having a wood fene Prevent Termites .It can give your house that “curb appeal” appearance. Additionally, they might draw termites, who would subsequently destroy the lovely wood. Because they enjoy gaining access to wood and establishing their colonies there, termites can cause a lot of damage. You can take steps to keep them from approaching your fence. We’ll discuss how to stop animals from eating your wood fence.  

What to watch out for?                

Regularly inspecting your fence is an excellent place to start. Look for bubbles or holes in the wood as termites can eat through the wood from the inside out. Additionally, you ought to pay closer attention to termite droppings. They appear to be piles of sand or sawdust but are actually compos of pellets. Therefore, if you spot something that might resemble sawdust but you haven’t been sawing anything, I would investigate it thoroughly. Another indication that you might have termites is the presence of mud tubes. They can stick to the surface and are located close to the base of your fence. Inside your wooden fence, termites travel through tunnels made of mud.

Termites are constantly trying to find their way into wood. To enter, they can scale the branches of nearby plants and shrubs. They can’t get to the wood if you remove any vegetation and install your wood fence in a dry area of your yard. You can still have flowers though because they can draw predators like birds that eat termites. Termites prefer soft, moist wood, so keeping your wood fence dry will help keep them at bay. Keep the leaves that are falling from your fence in the fall; otherwise, they might decidCleaning the area around your wood fence will allow the most amount of sunlight, which is important if you don’t want termite repellent plants growing around your property. e to allow the most amount of sunlight. Sunlight and again dry areas are termite proof. 

Prevention from termites

If you really want to prevent a termite infestation, routine inspections are a necessity. Early detection of termite damage to your fence can prevent the issue from getting out of hand.

  • Paint that is chippor bubbling or termite poop

In addition to appearing like piles of pellets, termite waste can also be mistaken for sand or sawdust. Investigate further if you believe there are sawdust piles close to your fence but you haven’t been sawing.

  • When tapped, hollow-sounding wood.

If your suspicions are aroused while you are inspecting your fence, tap on various fence components.

You should hear a difference in the sound where your problem is, unless your entire fence is infested.




What are termites most averse to?  

Using termite-resistant wood is a great way to stop termites from destroying your fence. Yes, there are some types of wood that termites don’t like. Redwood, yellow cedar, walnut, teak, mahogany, and tallowwood are among these woods.  

Termite-repellent paint and oil-based 




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