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How to Play Bubble Soccer?

by theworldcrawler

Since its creation in 2014, bubble soccer has gained popularity across the globe, particularly in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Hong Kong, and other places. What exactly is bubble soccer and how does one play it? A person may wear and hold up a bubble soccer ball since it has a hollow interior. Soccer players inside the bubble can breathe. Whether you’ve played soccer or football before, practicing bubble soccer with a bumper ball won’t be much different, except for the fact that you’ll get bumped around with a lot.
While not played in a difficult fashion, the regular playing style is extremely comparable to soccer sports. Since this game is mainly about having fun, there aren’t really any serious formal rules for bubble soccer at the moment. If we still want a win, we can create and set up additional rules.

How to Play:

  • Bubble Soccer Field

a large inflatable soccer area, an indoor basketball court, a football field, a playground outdoors, etc.

  • Victory

gain the most points possible

  • Teams and Players

There are exactly two teams competing against each other. Each team has two or even more soccer players, and each participant must wear a bubble ball.

  • Goal

Everyone in the game is allowed to attack and defend; there is no goalkeeper. Before the game begins, organizers should define the goals. Goals are already provided on all inflatable soccer fields.

  • Game Play

The soccer ball begins the game of bubble soccer in the middle of the field, and all players must maintain the same distance from it. All players on both teams start vying for the ball when the referee blows his whistle or does something else to signal the start of the game. According to the age range and physical condition of the players, the game can be played from the beginning to the end without a break or with just one intermission.

  • General Rules and Illegality

  • Never hold a ball in your hand.
  • Running with a soccer ball inside a bubble ball is not permitted.
  • You are not allowed to intentionally bump other players unless it is for the purpose of tackling and kicking the ball.
  • Be kind and don’t hurt other people.
  • no offside rule.


  • Other Variations

Is playing bubble soccer limited to only one choice? Happily, no. There are already a number of different game versions, and there will undoubtedly be more produced in the future because bumper balls can be used for entertainment in so many various ways.

  • Bumper Ball Racing

Similar to a jogging race, participants wear body bumper balls. If each runner has a ball placed on their head, the race will be more fascinating.


  • Bubble Ball Somersault Racing

With the aid of bubble balls, it is simple to accomplish a handstand, so instead of running, we somersault.

  • Rolling Racing

We frequently roll bubble balls in the wrong direction, which is the tricky element of the game. The player should have to change positions.

  • Last Man In the Zone

A sizable circle is provided, and many players enter the space while donning bubble balls. Everyone is your opponent, therefore strive to eliminate everyone else from the area to remain the last man standing.

  • Confused Fight

Custom bubble balls are available in a variety of colors. Therefore, let’s make everyone a team with just one goal instead of two teams.

  • Soap Football

It’s time to relocate the battle to the inflatable soap football field, which has been thoroughly saturated with soapy water. This game may be more dangerous than others, making a small number of participants the best. Verify whether any additional games have been created by others.


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