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How to Play a Virtual Escape Room over Zoom 

Virtual Escape Room

by aniyamoreofficial

You can host a Virtual Escape Room with your friends across the globe on the Zoom app from your home without stepping out. It is an excellent activity for the online building community. And Virtual Escape Rooms are trendy during this time. Since we have completely turned to the online world, we now know how powerful this platform is. During the covid-19 pandemic, people were only dependent on the digital platform for entertainment and work-related purposes. But now, it has become the new normal.  

Virtual Escape Games are usually played through video conferencing, so the Zoom Application can be the best platform. You can set up a group chat to share photos, screens, and solutions, see the players simultaneously, experiment with the backgrounds, and record the meeting.

Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room is a small adventure that you can play at any time with your friends worldwide over Zoom. It is very convenient. Here are some great suggestions for Zoom-based Virtual Escape Rooms – The Redemption Games, The Panic Room, Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, Expedition Escape, See Me Escape Rooms, etc.   

  1. Accessing from zoom 

No rocket science is involved in accessing the game on Zoom. Simply download the Zoom app (at least 30 minutes before you start playing) on your laptop or computer and sign in with your email id. Invite all the players for the virtual escape game by sharing the meeting code so there’s no unknown player, and start the game in the group zoom.

After that, the host will explain the rules of the virtual escape room. Next, you will break the team players into groups using a Zoom app called ‘’Breakout room’’ and set the fixed time to complete each level to the groups created. The team should discuss each puzzle in each room to find the potential solution. The host or guide also can pop into the groups to give clues and monitor them when needed.

The team gets only 60 minutes in which they have to understand or solve the puzzles and clues to complete the Zoom Escape Game. The Virtual Escape Room creates various mysterious and dynamic story-line for all rooms, making it more exciting and fun for the players.   

  1. Purpose 

Virtual escape rooms are accessible over zoom. The purpose of Virtual Escape Rooms conducted over Zoom is to encourage teamwork, unity, and high-level thinking. You can hang out with friends as well as family members even if you are not with them at that moment.

Whether it is played online or physically, an escape game is a great way to learn how to deal with tough challenges or situations in a short time. It boosts the quality of communication, problem-dealing, teamwork, thinking out of the box, and how to work efficiently under pressure, etc.   

Wrapping up  

Bored in your homes and want to meet your friends? Then get ready to learn how to play a virtual escape room over zoom and have some fun from the comfort of your homes by playing virtual escape rooms! You can even try escape room breakout for unique fun.






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