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How To Optimize Your Youtube Videos For SEO

SEO For Youtube Videos

by guestposting1234

Video optimization is one of the most important factors in ranking well on Youtube. The more views and watch time your videos receive, the higher they’ll rank in search results. These are some of the best ways to optimize your videos for SEO. Want to learn more join our digital marketing course in Noida.

Video Title

The video title is one of the most important elements to optimize for search engines. It can also help increase engagement and watch time, so it’s worth optimizing. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when creating titles:

  • Use keywords in the title—but don’t overdo it. The title section is one of the easiest places to insert your keywords because there are only a few characters that need to be filled out, but Google doesn’t look at all caps or proper nouns, so don’t do that either!
  • Make sure it’s relevant and interesting for people who are looking for information on this topic (i.e., viewers). A question or statement that relates directly back to what you’re talking about will draw in viewers who want answers about what’s being discussed in the video itself! Be sure not to include anything inappropriate though; keep things clean by avoiding curse words or another offensive language if possible (check out our blog post on how YouTube handles profanity here). If you’re unsure whether something might come off as offensive then err on the side of caution—in general terms, it’s better safe than sorry when dealing with sensitive subject matter topics like politics or religion as well!

Video Description

The video description should be a summary of what you’re going to talk about atings
in your video. It should also include keywords that help people find your content, so make sure to include them if possible. The description can be between 150 and 300 words, but we recommend keeping it closer to 150 for the sake of time.

If you have more than one video on a particular topic, try linking back to other videos or webinars in order to provide some context for new visitors who might not know much about that subject matter yet–this will help them decide whether they want to go through all those previous videos before watching yours!

Video Tags

  • Use relevant keywords to optimize your video for search. The more specific and accurate you are, the better your rankings will be on YouTube. Make sure to include relevant keywords in all of these places:
  • Video title (the title of your video)
  • Description (the description of your video)
  • Tags (keywords that describe what is in the video)


When you create a video, you’ll be prompted to select a category. This is important because it affects the keywords that are used to describe your video. These categories require specific keywords and will help people find your content more easily. If you can’t find an appropriate category for your video (or if there isn’t one), consider creating a new one on YouTube itself or in AdWords.

When choosing the right category, think about what words would best describe the topic of your video: Is it “The Best Ways To Make Money Online?” Or maybe it’s “How To Make A Million Dollars In 6 Months With No Experience Or Skills Required…And How You Can Too!” Whatever it may be, choose something that accurately describes what viewers will learn from watching it—and make sure those keywords are included in your description!

Thumbnail Image

  • Make sure your thumbnail image is high-quality. This can be tricky for a number of reasons, but essentially it just means that the image should be clear and easy to see from afar. If your thumbnail has a lot going on or is too small, viewers might not even notice it in the first place!
  • Choose a good thumbnail that will attract viewers. A great one will have something about it that draws people in—whether it’s an interesting model or setting, or perhaps an action shot that piques the viewer’s curiosity. Try using stock images if you want something really simple—but also consider whether those are really necessary: often they aren’t!
  • Don’t use stock images with people in them! While this seems like common sense, many YouTubers still do it because they don’t know any better (or think “the more views I get on YouTube,” etcetera…). The last thing you want to do is make fun of someone else’s channel while trying to promote yours—and if someone catches wind of what’s going on and gets mad enough about how they were portrayed? Well, then there goes all credibility among other vloggers who might otherwise have been willing to work with this person again down the road!


We hope that this blog post has been helpful in understanding how to optimize your
Youtube videos for SEO. You will notice an increase in traffic and rankings once you make these changes, as long as they are done correctly!

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