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How to Optimize Image for your WordPress Website? 

by rsneha

How to Optimize Image for your WordPress Website? 

Optimization of image will be productive for any websites and especially for the WordPress website. When the JPEG image or other images have large size, the website takes much time to load, which will be irritating for some users. The optimized images will load your WordPress websites faster. Image with large size can be the reason for slow loading of the websites. By using the optimized images in WordPress website can have advantages such as higher ranking in SEO, fast website loading, quick image uploading, save device storage, higher conversion rates, and better user experience. 

Most people want to save many collections of images in their devices, but they think about the storage. It can be solved by optimizing the images because after the images get optimized their size is reduced and saved. Thus, people can even make several photo albums in their smartphones, laptops, PCs or any other devices with different operating systems. 

Optimizing Images 

The image optimization or image compression will reduce the size of the images or photos without changing the original quality of them. It means the optimized or compressed images can be uploaded and downloaded in a faster way. 

In this blog, you will get the complete information about the benefits of optimizing the images and which tools are best for image optimization. 

Significant Benefits of Optimizing the Images 

Performing image optimization with the jpg resizer or jpeg optimizer makes the sharing of the photos or images faster. Everyone who owns website should optimize their images for high performance of website. There are many benefits of optimizing or resizing the images that are as follows, 

Enhanced Website Ranking – If you use optimized images for your website then it can result in higher SEO ranking. As the optimized images are small so they load faster, and Google recommends quick loading websites to the users. 

Faster Page Loading – When the website has the images with large size then it takes more time to load. If the images of your website are optimized, then your WordPress website or webpage will load faster. This will level up your website in the search engine. 

Save Device Storage – Most of the users worries about the storage of device and think twice before taking pictures or downloading images in their devices. By optimizing, the sizes of images get reduced. Finally, the users can save a number of images and can make collections of photo albums in their devices. 

Quickly Share and Upload Images – The images with large size can take longer when getting sent to others and uploading on the website. When the images with large size get optimized with JPG optimizer then they can be easily shared and uploaded quickly. Another advantage of using the images with less size is you can add other informative content on the website. 

Tools to Optimize the Images for WordPress Websites 

Optimize the images for your WordPress website or any other websites. Following are the tools that perform image optimization in their own ways. 

   JPEG Compress Free Image Optimizer is the best image optimizer platform to optimize or compress the images without changing the original quality of the images. It is completely free to use, and you can perform a number of image optimizations. This image compressor will make the optimization of the images faster and easier. 

Each and every uploaded image will be examined with JPEG encoding technology. It supports different image file formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG, JPEG, WEBP, Haic and GIF. Compress JPG online quickly and easily.  

You can upload the images in different ways by Select Files button or drag and drop the photos to the drop area or paste from the clipboard.  At a time, it can optimize images in bulk more than 20 images including GIF images and maximum 10 MB limited size of different image file formats.  

As some of the SVG files are larger than JPEG so you can do SVG compression as it is also a SVG compressor. You can compress GIF online to reduce GIF file size and make GIF animations load faster here because it is also a GIF compressor. 

Perform the before and after comparison of the images with a slide using the Compare option. 

This JPG compress also displays the saved percentage of images. This means it displays the kilobytes (KB) saved after the image optimization. You can compress jpeg to 200kb, compress jpeg to 100kb or compress jpeg to 50kb. 

Download the optimized images to save them in the internal storage of device using the Download and Download All button. Make collections of photos and GIFs in your device without any worry of storage. 

This JPEG compressor website can be accessed in any latest browser and latest devices like mobiles, PCs, tabs, laptops. 

This image compressor is completely free to use for everyone and you don’t have to pay any price to optimize the photos. So, do the unlimited use to optimize the pictures by maintaining image quality. Also, you no need to sign up, log in, or register to use this photo compressor. 

Use JPEG Compress which offers completely free to use service for optimizing the images. The main reason is it supports different image formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, and SVG. It reduces the size of images without changing the original quality of the images and with same width and height. Whereas the other tools support some of the image file formats. 

You can use it for unlimited image optimization. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the space of the device when you want to save images permanently. 

Blog Completion 

Using optimized images for your WordPress website will enhance the speed of loading. An image plays a significant role on the website because it makes the website interesting. The website owners must optimize the images to increase the reach of their websites. The optimized images can load the websites with speed, save the storage of your hosting server, enhances the performance of website, improves SEO, and increases traffic on website. 

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