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How To Maintain Straight Teeth After Invisalign

by Sean Collins

Patients are delighted with how beautiful their smiles look after receiving their invisalign orthodontics and invisalign braces london. The smile is beautiful and straight. It can give their confidence a major boost.

However, without proper attention and diligence following the procedure, the results will not last long. Contrary to popular belief, it happens more frequently.

But cosmetic dentists can offer a variety of tips to stop this from happening and make sure patients have a beautiful straight, straight smile all the way into the future.

What Is Invisalign?

As we’ve seen braces do have their limits. They are not attractive and the more modern option can cause irritation to the mouth, which can cause soreness, infections, and even cuts. However, there’s an alternative that doesn’t rely on metal brackets or wires-Invisalign.

Invisalign treatments are teeth straightening treatment that makes custom aligners that gradually move your smile to its right position. These aligners are made from soft and comfortable unnoticeable plastic. They are worn across your tooth until treatment is completed.

How Do They Work?

For traditional models, invisalign orthodontics has to make periodic adjustments according to your progress. Most of the time the wires need to be tightened regularly to speed up the process of straightening.

But it’s not required or even feasible using Invisalign. Instead, patients are simply provided with an aligner set at times, which can be as frequent at least every 2 weeks.

Simply put them in and wear them until your teeth move enough to warrant a new pair of aligners. Out of the apparent benefits for appearance Invisalign’s functionality is superior.

There’s no need to worry about your favorite foods being in brackets or wires making them more eye-sore. Because the aligners can be removed this new technology allows you to enjoy the food you love at any time.

It is also possible to brush and floss regularly and this can be difficult when you wear braces that are regular. And lastly, the smooth, plastic Invisalign tray will not cause irritation to the cheeks and gums as the traditional metal braces often do.

invisalign braces manchester

Image Sources: Perfect Smile Dental UK

Why Teeth Shift

In all of our lives, teeth move around in the gums; it’s an element of our lives. The constant movement of the gums naturally regulates the alignment of teeth, ensuring that all teeth line up when they close.

Molars in particular are more likely to shift forward, while premolars tend to move toward the side and back of your mouth. However, this can cause smiles to be misaligned and become out of alignment. When they begin to drift off-center the situation can go horribly wrong.

Other circumstances can cause a smile to become in crooked way. In the event that a cosmetic dentist takes out one of the teeth or goes missing and the remaining teeth will gradually move closer.

However, it can also result in TMJ problems and issues with the jawbone’s wear. Gum disease also can reduce the grip the gums exert on each tooth making them loose and causing them to stretch.

How Invisalign Work

Instead of using metal the system is a set of transparent plastic trays that are specifically designed for the invisalign dentist who is cosmetic specifically for each patient using computerised imaging.

The trays apply a little pressure on every tooth in the correct position to push them to the right position. When the teeth shift they are re-mold into new trays and then place to ensure that there is consistent pressure on the teeth.

Patients wear the aligners nonstop for roughly two weeks. They’re only remove after eating, brushing, or flossing. The process could require anything from 15 to 30 different trays in total.

Maintaining Straight Teeth

When you have complete the Invisalign treatment is finish it is likely that the dentist will be wearing a few small appliances that are design to be instead.

Also, known as retainers, they come with a wire around the teeth to keep them straight and also give the gums the chance to adjust and strengthen the area around the teeth.

Without it, the teeth will eventually return to their original positions, and the effects from the procedure will be going.

In general, retainers are constant for the first few months. Then, patients need to wear them during the night.

The length of time they’ll have to wear retainers will be contingent on how straight their teeth had been prior to the treatment, as well as how strong the gums have grown in the years following treatment.

invisalign manchester

Image Sources: Perfect Smile Dental UK

Invisalign, The Newest Treatment For Your Dentist

While the modern concept of orthodontics wasn’t developing until the 17th century, dental braces have been using since the beginning of time.

Aristotle, Hippocrates, and others from the past consider and develop early methods to aid people in fixing the alignment of their teeth.

Instead of the bands of metal that are employ today, early orthodontists use catgut, a fiber made from animal intestines to fix gaps and straight teeth.

Fortunately, the field moved to more efficient techniques. The invention of braces dates back to the 19th century. Since then, braces made of metal have been the teeth-straightening option for dentists and other orthodontists across the world.

They are able to solve a multitude of issues, ranging from malocclusions, overbites, and diastemas (gaps) as well to other cosmetic issues. Parents and children hate them, however, due to various reasons.

The Benefits Of Wearing Invisalign

It was develop through Align Technology; Invisalign is employ by nearly 2 million people all over. It’s a teeth aligner for straightening made from clear medical-grade material. For people who lead active lives, there is no better option that is safer and more reliable.

Braces are a must, and any interaction with the mouth regardless of how gentle or even aggressive, could cause tears in your cheeks and lips. Invisalign is a solid material that is safe and won’t scratch the skin that runs along the inside of your mouth.

What Are The Advantages Of These Aligners That Are Clear?


As their name implies the braces are transparent and virtually unnoticeable. Only the most observant eye will be able to detect it. In the event that you don’t, you will feel confident to smile without showing that you are trying to straighten your teeth.


It is possible to remove them when brushing or eating, however, only for a brief period in order to maximize the effect of the teeth straightening process.


There are various sets of aligners that are appropriate for every age category. Adults, teenagers, and children wear different kinds of aligners. At every stage of straightening teeth, there are distinct aligners to wear by different groups.

For teenagers and children with teeth that are still developing and growing the aligners are design with specific spaces that can allow for growth adjustments.


The fact that your procedure is chart and project by special software enhances the accuracy of your treatment. An impression in three dimensions of your teeth is create using x-rays.

Then, the software determines how far your teeth will move through the aligner in the course of time. This is how specific aligners are design for each phase.


There aren’t any wires which could possibly tear your skin or interfere with eating, brushing, or flossing correctly. Also, there is less pain and pressure the jaws are force to remain in certain places.

Short Treatment Time

If worn and in the manner recommend by your dentist the typical treatment duration is a full year. In general, they are recommending it be use for 20 hours the day and then for 2 weeks prior to replacement. 

The major differentiator between Invisalign consultation for Teens and adults is that the latter is a sign of compliance. It is also beneficial that Invisalign for teens can be applie to adults who have special issues.


Invisalign braces London is a very popular option for those with teeth that are crooked. They can easily correct the problem.

Contrary to traditional braces, they’re almost invisible. As long as the instructions of the cosmetic dentist follow, the results are expect to last for years to follow.

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