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How To Improve Website Loading Speed ?

by webdevelopmentindia

Web Page Speed

The first step in making a site load faster should be Website page speed optimization. The speed has an effect on SEO and bounce rate. The bounce rate is calculated by dividing the number of single-page sessions of zero seconds by the total number of page sessions on a site. A higher bounce rate indicates that visitors abandoned your site rather than waiting for it to load.

To determine which elements are causing your site to load slowly, use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, which will inform you of which elements on your site require optimization.

Optimization of Page Load Speed

To make a Website load faster, optimize the following elements.

  • Images that aren’t optimized
  • Themes and designs that are overly complicated
  • Media embedded from another site, such as videos
  • Reduce file size
  • Use a reliable web host.
  • Use applications such as Flash.
  • Widgets are used extensively.

By optimizing all of the above, you can improve page speed and be in good shape when it comes to providing a better UX or ranking high on SERPs.

Optimization of Mobile Page Speed

Because more than 90% of the global internet population accesses the internet via a mobile device, mobile page speed optimization is essential. For SEO purposes, Google treats mobile pages separately.

As a result, website owners must devote special attention to improving the speed of their mobile sites. To accomplish this, optimise each mobile page to provide the best UX and instant gratification.

Page Speed Optimization for Website

Every new web page added to a business website must meet all of the standards and be properly optimised to avoid distorting the site’s overall loading speed.

Page Speed Optimization Evaluation

Take the Google PageSpeed Insights test. On this test, ensure that all web pages are green. Furthermore, the test will give website owners a glimpse into why their pages are failing this test, as well as a few pointers on how to improve them.

Google’s main goal is to provide the best user experience possible, which is why it focuses on providing users with the most up-to-date and relevant information as quickly and easily as possible.

In conclusion

Forget about the clients. Do you have the patience to wait for a website to load? Most people will say no. As a result, all website owners must begin working to improve their website loading speed. You can even hire a professional website design company to help you with this.

Web page speed optimization is the first step in making a site load faster. Mobile Page Speed Optimization

Bounce rate refers to the number of single-page sessions of zero seconds divided by the total page sessions on a site. Google considers mobile pages separately for SEO results.

To do so, optimize every mobile page to deliver the best UX and instant gratification. Go for Google’s PageSpeed Insights test, which gives you a peek into why your pages are not performing well on this test. Page Speed Optimization Test

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