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How to Find the Best Eyebrow Shape for You

by profitparrot

Nowadays, we have a lot of different designs, styles, and shapes of brows to pick from. Although it is a fact that big and bushy brows are currently trending, that doesn’t mean that you are obliged to have them. In fact, you should have the shape that fits you and your face the most. However, how can you discover that? All these tutorials seem so hard and complicated…

Don’t worry; we’ve brought some tips to help you find the best eyebrow shape for you. Let’s see what they are based on types of faces.

Square-Shaped Faces

Square faces have similar measurements, so the jawline always looks wide and angular, while the chin can be a bit less defined. Celebs like Nicole Richie and Olivia Wilde are examples of people with this type of face.

For this type, the best is not to bring the brow’s tail too low since it will bring the eye shape downwards. Instead, make your brows arched so you can offset your face’s hard angles. That way, your brow will look natural and elegant, complimenting you perfectly.

For a better look, you should also try to tint your brows to give them a fuller and darker look. You may be asking, “but where can I find brow wax and tint near me?”. Multiple beauty bars offer this service, including Parlor Beauty Bar. Check it out!

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are very memorable. We can easily recognize Cara Delevingne, Reese Witherspoon, and Kourtney Kardashian. This shape follows the general outline of a heart, having a pointed chin and a wider forehead.

Since the chin is longer, people with this type of face go well with a soft arch on their brows to balance the rest. Thin brows usually don’t look great on a heart-shaped face.

Round Faces

Round faces, usually known as baby faces because the cheekbones are commonly the widest part of the face, are famous because of celebs such as Jennie, Kirsten Dunst, and Gabrielle Union.

Fuller brows with an angled arch, usually a sharp one, are a good match with this type of face. A good tip is that the farther the arch is from your nose, the wider the face will look. Pay attention to the thickness since it will depend on the size of your face. For example, smaller faces don’t go well with a brow that is too thick and fluffy.

Oval-Shaped Faces

Our great diva Beyoncé is one of the most famous faces in the world, and she has an oval-shaped face. It is easy to spot since the cheekbones are also the widest part of this face shape. However, the oval-shaped face is slimmer and longer than the round face, having a great length.

This shape is known for being the easiest to have a shaped brow since almost every style goes well. Therefore, follow your natural brow shape. A soft arch works great as well.

To help you pick the right eyebrow shape, you should go to a dry bar in Austin (in case you live there). With several specialists and highly-skilled professionals, they can help you with anything you need. Check their website out and schedule a session.

By – Profit Parrot

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