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How to Draw a Horse Easy

by Ahmad khan

How to Draw a Horse Easy

Would you like to learn how to draw a horse quickly? You can master this simple horse outline with the help of an equine drawing guide. Do you love horses? Many people do. They are beautiful animals. When they run fast on their skinny legs, with their long manes and tails trailing behind them, some say they “run like the wind.”

Horses and people have lived and worked together for some 6,000 years. We ride horses and have used their strength to pull carts, wagons, and farm equipment. Today, however, most people keep horses for recreation or pleasure. Horses are synonymous with cowboy culture. They can be found living on farms or competing in racing, dressage, and other competitions. Learn to draw this simple horse and add it to your herd.

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Step-by-step instructions for drawing a simple horse.

Step 1

Begin the easy horse outline by drawing the horse’s face. Trace the nose with a long, curved line. Draw a weird round shape for the eye and tint a partisan spiral inside it. On the snout, draw a dot for the nostril. Place short curved lines over the eye and nostril and at the corner of the mouth.

Step 2

Draw the lower lip and jaw with a long, curved line. Extend two curved lines for the ear, allowing them to meet at a smooth point. Outline the interior with a curved line. Outline the hair with two curved pipes that meet at the moment.

Step 3

Draw the horse’s mane. Use a series of curved lines. The tips and “U” shaped sections are strands of the mane.

Step 4

Start outlining the body of the easy horse cartoon. Extend a long curved stripe below the head, creating the neck and crate. Use a couple of curved lines to draw the leg, noting the soft spot on the knee. Join them at the bottom with a direct line.

step 5

Draw the back leg of the easy horse cartoon, again using a long curved line for the front of the leg and a short one for the bottom. Join the legs near the top, creating the belly. Next, place a band on the bottom of the front leg with a curved line to indicate the horse’s hoof.

step 6

Extend a line from the mane. It should go across the back and rump and down the back of the leg to completely enclose the outline of the horse. Attach a band to the lower leg with a curved line to indicate the helmet.

step 7

Draw the remaining front leg, raised as if you were taking a step. Trace the leg using two curved lines and join them at the base. Band the lower leg to indicate the helmet.

step 8

Draw the final stretch. Again, use a couple of curved lines connected at the bottom. Attach a band to the lower leg with a curved line to indicate the helmet.

step 9

Complete your easy horse shape by drawing the seat. Use extended and short curved lines that fulfill at sharp points.

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