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How to customize your WooCommerce product page template

by dhruvgeek

Learn how to customize WooCommerce product pages with Elementor or woocommerce product plugins.

It would help if you made your ecommerce store stand out by customizing your product pages. This will allow you to make your customers’ shopping experience unique. You should also be able to personalize your product pages visually to ensure that your shop is consistent across all devices. Do you want to personalize your WooCommerce product pages?

Elementor makes it easy to drag and drop components from your single-item pages. You can also redo the plan any way you want.

These WooCommerce plan instructions are used to include many lines of code.

You can now manage your plan and item pages with Elementor Pro. You don’t need to integrate activities, snares, or dig into the various PHP documents. What can you do for every plan customization right from the Elementorpage manufacturer?

How to customize the WooCommerce Product page

This tutorial will focus on customizing product pages. We’ll not cover the WooCommerce setup and how to add new products. If you need assistance, please see our WooCommerce Tutorial.

It would help if you had WooCommerce installed and some related products added to the site after agreeing.

Note! You can’t access Elementor’s item layouts if WooCommerce isn’t activated.

Step 1: Create a Single Product Template

We will use the same procedure to create the product template in Elementor as we did for the single template.

Step 2: Select a pre-designed product page template

It is easiest to start by using a pre-designed product Page template. You can then customize it to suit your needs. There are many styles to choose from when it comes to product pages.

You can make sure you have a full-width item page before you start adding widgets.

Elementor allows you to customize the design and style for the single product pages.

Step 3: Add the Product widgets

Now it’s time for you to create the essential elements of your product page. For more information, see our attestation. This tutorial will be using the Woocommerce Single Products Page Customizer plugin by

  • Widget Product Title
  • Woo Breadcrumbs widget
  • Product image widget
  • Widget for product rating
  • Short description widget
  • Widget for the product price
  • Add to cart widget
  • Product meta widget
  • Product data tabs
  • Related Products
  • Widget for Upselling

How can you use any widget to enhance the effectiveness and engagement of your product pages? You can use any widget to make your product page more effective and engaging.

Step 4: Product Page Preparation

You can preview your product template on several items to ensure it is the right design.

Click the eye icon on the left-hand side, then click the settings. Select the product that you want to display under Preview Settings. Apply it, then check it to see how it looks.

Step 5: Establish the conditions

This is where you create your conditions, which will determine the location of your product template. For example, how will the template be applied to all pages of your product pages? You can also select a specific category.

Click on Publish, and your single product will be live!


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