How to Choose Disposable Gloves: Nitrile, Vinyl or Latex

How to Choose Disposable Gloves: Nitrile, Vinyl or Latex

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Four types of gloves are actively used in the beauty industry – polyethylene, nitrile, vinyl and latex.

Gloves protect hands from exposure to chemicals, prevent the likelihood of developing allergies. During procedures with a risk of damage to the skin, their use is mandatory according to San PiN – this is your protection against diseases.

Glove material

Latex and nitrile gloves provide the best protection against infections.

Latex are very durable, elastic, stretch well, provide reliable contact with the skin and most importantly – they have a much higher tactile sensitivity than others. But in some craftsmen, they can cause allergic reactions to the proteins contained in natural latex. It is also important to know that latex is not resistant to oils and acids.
The main purpose of latex gloves is medical procedures, invasive procedures in cosmetology, tattoos, piercings.

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber, so they are a great alternative for people with latex allergies.
Nitrile is stronger than latex and more resistant to aggressive chemicals and reagents.

Vinyl gloves are dense, do not stretch, they are easy to put on and take off. But they do not protect against infections and germs. They should be used when working with minimal risks of violating the integrity of the skin.

What is the difference between powdered and powder-free gloves?

The powder makes it easier to put on gloves, but it remains on the hands after use and can cause an allergic reaction.

Note to masters

In hairdressing, gloves made of polyethylene, as well as vinyl and nitrile, are used.

Vinyl transparent gloves are resistant to aggressive chemicals, oils and alcohol. Comfortable at work.
Nitrile gloves are durable, resistant to punctures, stretching, active chemicals and do not cause allergies. In “Clean” they are presented in all sizes in white, black, blue, pink and purple.

In the nail service , we recommend nitrile or latex gloves to protect the hands of the master.
The pedicure procedure is carried out only with the use of gloves.

latex and nitrile gloves will protect the hands of the master from infections and withstand a long procedure. They are suitable for procedures using acids, alkalis, as well as heated substances. Sterile gloves are used in a number of procedures in a

beauty parlor . For manipulations, gloves made of latex and nitrile will be more convenient. They create barrier protection against HIV viruses, hepatitis B and C, and other blood-borne diseases. Nitrile and latex gloves perfectly fit the hand, super sensitive. Such gloves are also recommended for use in the depilation procedure. Don’t forget gloves are a must .

used when working with disinfectants! This is your protection against exposure to chemicals as well as allergies.

How to choose the size

And now let’s figure out how to choose the right size gloves to make the work of the master as comfortable as possible.
In order to determine the size of gloves, you need to measure the volume of the working hand at the widest points – at the base of four fingers. This can be done with a simple centimeter. Do not forget to bend the brush in order to make a margin so that the gloves do not hinder movement. Next, we compare with the standard size table and get your size.


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