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How to choose cleaning materials in sports centers?

by scsgroup

How to choose cleaning materials in sports centers? In this article, you will find some recommendations so that the choice of cleaning material in sports facilities is a complete success.

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Cleaning and disinfection tasks are a tool to improve the image of sports centers.

The use of professional hygiene material and greater visibility of the cleaning staff makes the members of these clubs perceive the center’s concern for hygiene and the health of people. In addition, it improves their predisposition when it comes to keeping the facilities in good condition.

A correct choice of cleaning material can be decisive in achieving optimal hygiene results in sports centers. Here are our recommendations:

  • Invest in professional cleaning supplies
  • Choose to clean supplies of different colors
  • Buy ergonomic cleaning material
  • Make hygiene solutions available to members
  • Are you looking for cleaning material for your sports center?


Invest in professional cleaning supplies


We have specially designed the cleaning tools used for cleaning professional environments for this purpose.

In this case, investing in innovative cleaning tools not only improves hygiene results but also helps save costs in the medium and long term.

This is the case with cleaning carts, some specific chemical solutions, or impregnation systems.


Choose to clean supplies of different colors


 The colors have a double function in the cleaning material; On the one hand, they attract the attention of users, and, on the other hand, they help to codify hygiene tasks.

In this article, we highlighted that establishing a color code in cleaning helps to reduce the risks associated with it.

For example, we can only use blue-colored tools for the swimming pool area and yellow-colored tools for the bodybuilding area.


Buy ergonomic cleaning material


Bad postures or bad gestures are one of the main causes of professional sick leave among professional cleaning staff in Sydney.

Choosing ergonomic cleaning material not only helps to avoid these types of problems but also makes your work more comfortable to carry out.

We can choose handles with a larger diameter than usual or buckets that facilitate pouring, among others.


Make hygiene solutions available to members


Covid-19 has made us all more aware of the importance of hygiene and its effects on our health.

In many sports centers, it is already common to find solutions available to users that help maintain the cleanliness of the facilities.

For example, in addition to equipping the center with hydroalcoholic gels and hand towels, we can also place impregnated wipes for autonomous cleaning of surfaces after use.


Are you looking for cleaning material for your sports center?

 Do you manage a set of sports facilities and are you looking for hygiene solutions?

At SCS Group Integrated Services a professional sports center cleaning company in Sydney, we have extensive experience offering products for cleaning, disinfection, and equipment in the fitness sector.

If you want to know our offer in-depth, you just have to write us a message through our contact form or contact us by visiting our business website and we will assist you without obligation.


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