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How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

by laptop001

You’re working on a crucial project and your laptop battery suddenly is out of service and won’t charge. You are finding a way how to charge laptop battery manually.

If you’re not sure what to do, you could consider replacing it as the best choice. Even if it’s money it’s the problem and you’re able to completely replace your laptop. It’ll require some time.

What can you do to fix it to avoid the trouble fast? In this article we’ll look at some tested and proven methods to charge laptop batteries by hand which allows you to go throughout the working day, without risking your information in danger or the health of your laptop by any means.

Let’s get started!

9 Ways To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

Before you begin the manual method of charging your laptop battery, make sure you are using the right device. Most laptops today have the original charging devices.

This implies that some of the information may not apply for you in these situations. Additionally If your laptop is equipped with internal batteries it isn’t possible. Now, let’s get started.

1. Using a Universal Power Adaptor

A universal power adapter is the most economical alternative to recharge the battery in your laptop. This type of adaptor works ideal for region where the voltage system differs from the country you’re in. Universal adapters are cheaper and easily accessible in both online and offline shops.

Make sure that an adapter which can be universal isn’t the sole solution, since they could present a risk. Because most adapters don’t support all models, you should buy an adapter that has 100% compatible to the gadget you’re working with.

2. Make use of USB-C

There is a way to use the USB-C cable instead of an AC/DC adapter. To charge your laptop, plug one end of the USB-C cable to an outlet. Connect the other end to your laptop.

However, this USB-C cable can only be used with laptops equipped with USB-C ports. Certain older models don’t come with this USB-C connector. However USB-C ports are getting more well-known and you’ll find this feature on a majority of laptops that are modern.

3. Using External Battery Charger

If you’re searching for a simple method of charging laptop batteries with your hands with no electricity we recommend connecting an external source of power to the laptop battery. The benefit is that you don’t need an AC adapter to charge your batteries. Simply plug your battery into the charger, and you’ll be ready. Make note of the information about the battery on the plate that protects it. This will provide you with an possibility of changing the voltage and current that the charger can offer. Choose a charger that features LED indicators as well being protected by an auto-protection system against short circuits, the loss of current, overcharging or overheating. It’s great for charging multiple batteries and taking them with you on your travels.

4. Portable Laptop Chargers

Travel adapters permit you to use the device within your own country, to plug into an outlet in another country. The adapter however doesn’t convert energy or power.

In other words, if the device doesn’t work with the voltage system used in your country, then the adapter designed for travel isn’t suitable for use. If it’s labeled as “Input100-240V,” it means your device is able to handle voltages ranging from 100 volts and 120 volts. It’s good to know that the majority of devices today can be used with multi-voltage or dual voltage systems. If not, you can consider other solutions given below. Are you a gamer and looking to get the best gaming laptops in budget than check Best Gaming Laptops Under $600

5. Charging Laptop Battery Using a Power Bank

The search for a laptop-friendly power bank isn’t a simple process as most are only compatible with specific output ports. Be sure to select power banks that are compatible with the most power input. The TSA specifications of portable power banks are 100Wh but sometimes, you may need higher than that. Check for compatibility with your DC adapter. Most power banks are equipped with several DC adapter compatibilities. Make sure to check what specifications are included in the product prior to purchasing.

6. An AC Adaptor is Worth a Try

An incompatible adapter can block the flow of power, which means that the laptop battery stops charging. If the light on the AC adapter isn’t in use, it’s a sign that you should replace it. If the system is unable to detect the AC adapter, it will notify that via the display.

7. Charging a Laptop Battery Using Solar Energy

A solar charger takes away the burden of finding the correct outlet to charge your device. It also shields your device from harm because of high voltage. The solar kit contains the solar panel foldable as well as batteries. The solar charger will generally have issues with laptops. This means that you have to first charge your battery up until it’s fully charged before connecting your laptop to the battery. A top-quality solar charger could be utilized to charge laptops two times in the course of one charge.

8. Go for Super Laptop Batteries

Super laptop batteries are specially-designed chargers. This means that you don’t necessarily require an AC/DC adapter for charging them. Be sure to don’t charge your super batteries using the laptop’s charging device, since they might not work. The first step is to replace your existing batteries with the upgraded one on your laptop. After that, connect your laptop into the powerful laptop battery. One recharge will offer you a backup of as long as 7 hours.

9. Buy a New Battery

If your battery has stopped charging despite trying everything , it indicates that it’s nearing the point of no return. Install a laptop that has the same model, and then replace the battery, and verify the charging status. If it’s not working, you should replace it.


Done and Dusted! We hope that you’ve found the answer you’ve been searching for. If this article was able to resolve your problem, be sure you share the article on other forums where those who share similar issues to you could have solutions similar to yours. If you feel the article could have offered more information than what we’ve provided on the page, please let us know. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

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