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How to change the flights with KLM airlines?

by sharlysmith

Passengers have several reasons to change or cancel their flights; however, it depends on the fare. Moreover, the customer can easily make the changes to the dates destination followed by the other things. 

KLM, also known as Koninklijke Luchtvaartmaatschappij, Is a Dutch flag carrier with its headquarters at Amstelveen, the world’s oldest airline. Moreover, it was founded in 1919 & since then, it has provided an extraordinary travel experience. 

There are numerous benefits for the customers traveling with the different fare classes. 

What are the important points for the flight change?

There are some points to keep in mind:

  1. As per the changed policy, the customer is allowed to change the new flight booking date, service & route. 
  2. The KLM Change Flight Policy says that you can not make the changes to the passengers with the other person. However, you can change the three characters. 
  3. Now, the change flight fee includes the cost of flight change and the fare difference. 
  4. You can change dates & destinations applicable via online booking, customer representative, or counter. 
  5. According to the schedule change policy, there’ll be no change fee & no fare difference to pay. You can rebook or reschedule the booking seven days from the original departure date. 
  6. The customer can change the respective airline booking with the other airlines.

What is KLM airline 24hr booking change policy?

Here are some important points to consider:

  1. The flight change fee will not be applicable within 24 hrs of the purchase, but you need to pay the fare difference
  2. The change flight date policy for 24 hrs will be relevant to the restricted & non – restricted fares. 
  3. If you make the changes within the limited time, get the refund on the lower fare difference.
  4. Now, if you purchase the ticket from a travel agency or other ways, you must pay a fee of $35. 
  5. You can make the changes to the name or corrections without any cost within 24 hrs. 

How much you need to pay for the flight change?

The KLM airlines flight change cost has an admin fee of about $200 for all international reservations. Now, to fly within Europe, customers must pay about $75 to change the flight. 

Now, if you want to acquire the best & most comfortable seats, go through the KLM Seat Selection policy. 

How to change the flight online?

In terms of changing the flights, there are some steps to follow:

  1. The first thing is to access the official website of the airlines.
  2. You need to enter the flight booking number in the My trip section 
  3. Although, you need to click on the change my booking link
  4. However, select the date, time & destination that you want to change 
  5. The customers will also get to know about the change fee & the difference 
  6. At last, click to confirm my new flight & make the payment for the flight change via the given methods. 

How to make similar changes by phone?

Apart from the online change process, the KLM airline also provides with facility to change flights through the phone. Although, the customers need to dial the 24 hrs flight change number. You can contact 24×7 & need to pay the flight change fee and the fare difference. 


We have provided all the details about the Quick guide on KLM Change Flight Policy. So, read all things carefully & go ahead to make the necessary changes. 


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