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How to Become a Certified Microsoft Azure Data Engineer

Azure Data Engineer Certification

by rchrchrls

There is nothing more powerful than data in today’s world. Businesses worldwide can make better judgments if they have relevant data. In addition, the appropriate use of data might enhance customer service. There is a sudden increase in the need for data scientists as everything has become data-centric these days. An Azure data engineer is one of the most sought-after career positions in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. This article focuses on how to become an Azure data engineer and why the Azure data engineer certification training is necessary for the data engineering profession. 
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Before getting started, let us discuss the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Certification.

What is a Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Certification?

Businesses may create serverless computing, data and analytics solutions, and business applications by utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud services. 95% of Fortune 500 organizations utilize Azure for various purposes, including large data, data science, machine learning, and AI.

Microsoft provides a broad choice of certifications covering fundamental, role-based, and specialized abilities to assist data workers in becoming proficient on the Azure platform and establishing credibility in the job market.

Microsoft provides several certificates in nine subject areas, ranging from specialized degrees in artificial intelligence or security engineering to the foundations of Microsoft 365. 

Core Skills Required for the Online Microsoft Certification

Regardless of the cloud platform, these fundamental skills are essential for any data engineer. The most integral and essential skills to get your data engineer certification are listed below.

  • Candidates who want to obtain thecertification should be familiar with the evolving data environment. 
  • They must be aware of the development of data systems and how it has affected data specialists.
  • Candidates should understand the distinctions between on-premises and cloud-based data solutions. Additionally, it is beneficial to have a thorough grasp of the commercial applications of cloud technology.
  • The job position and duties related to the role should be well understood by candidates. Candidates should also have a thorough knowledge of Azure services.

The Benefits of The Certification:

With an active Azure data engineer certification, you can get more job opportunities, make more money, and grow your career over time. The following points define why you should start preparing for the certification.

  • Having an Azure Data Engineer Certification Increases Career Possibilities.

A study revealed that “more than half of worldwide IT decision-makers claimed they anticipate their business to invest in Microsoft technology.” Azure is an essential component of this IT stack.

When you seek a specialized position in any specific technology, such as the Azure data bricks engineer post at Cognizant, your Microsoft azure data engineer certification becomes extremely valuable. You can confidently and visibly show the hiring manager that you’re the ideal candidate for the position with your Azure Data Solution certifications (DP-200 & DP-201)

  • An Azure Data Engineer Certification Boosts your Competitiveness.

The 2018 Pearson VUE Value of Certification study found that 91% of respondents believe an Azure Data Engineer Certification increases their professional credibility. The certification helps while hunting for new employment.

Consider this position at DXC technologies in Quincy, Massachusetts, for example. It states that you must have the Azure Data Engineer and Azure Cloud Developer certifications to increase your chances of getting selected.

  • Achieving an Azure Data Engineer Certification Enhances Credibility.

Online Microsoft certification for data engineering serves as proof of your knowledge and expertise in a certain field. As a result, it gives you a strong negotiation position when addressing salary structures with potential companies. The online Microsoft certification also helps while seeking new positions and offers a chance to advance within your current organization.

  • Azure Data Engineer Certification Enables your Professional Advancement.

Given how quickly technology is developing, it may be challenging for applicants and employers to determine whether a candidate is prepared for the next step in their career. You can demonstrate your competency with an online Microsoft certification. In particular, certifications at the associate or expert level prove that you are an experienced worker.


Given the variety of ideas, question types, and unpredictable nature of the online Microsoft certification test, it is one of the most challenging exams to pass. A solid grasp of the topic can help you obtain the online Microsoft certification. Take practice tests and online tutorials, and refer to as many resources as possible to ace the exam.

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