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How to Apply for an Australian Student Visa?

by advise365

Want to study in Australia? You can get a student visa in Australia in much less time if you follow the procedure exactly and provide all the required documents. So, here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: Appear in an English language proficiency test

Firstly, you have to get a proof of your English language proficiency and for that, you need to appear in an English language test. Whether it be IELTS or PTE, you can appear in any test based on the requirements of the institution where you are applying. If you get the desired scores, you can follow the next step.

Step 2: Apply in an Australian institution and get your COE

Now that you have the required English language proficiency results, it is time to apply to different Australian institutions. Make sure you have your transcripts and personal statement ready before you start applying. If you are selected you will receive a COE or Confirmation of Enrolment.

Step 3: Create your Australian Immigration account

Start gathering all your documents and open an Australian immigration account on the Department of Home Affairs Website. You will need the following:

  • Educational assessment
  • Passport
  • COE
  • Health cover
  • Proof of your temporary stay

You might be required to provide more documents like a police clearance certificate, birth certificate, etc. One must check the visa requirements carefully and create a document checklist for yourself.

Step 4: Apply early for a hassle-free process

It is advised that you must apply for a student visa at least 6 weeks before your course commences. This will compensate for the processing times of the student visa. If you are a little unsure, consulting an immigration expert will be the best option for you.

Step 5: Pay the fee and get a TRN-Number

As you will submit your application, you will be required to pay the visa processing fee at the end. Once you pay the fee, your application will be submitted successfully. You will also get a TRN number that will help you in checking the status of your application further. You must take note of this number carefully.

Step 6: Medical and interview

Once you get your TRN number, you will be asked to submit a medical examination report. You might also be asked to appear in an interview. Get ready for both these events as they are quite important in your visa application.

Step 7: Wait for your decision

Ta-da! Your visa application is submitted successfully. Now, it is time to wait until it is processed and your visa arrives. We know it might be the hardest step, but patience is key!

While you wait for your visa, you must check future prospects after completing your studies. For instance, whether you will apply for a temporary graduate visa or whether you will come back to your home country. Having some kind of idea is great for you as it will help you spend your time in Australia accordingly.

If you want to make no mistakes in your visa process, you must consult an immigration expert. They have complete knowledge of the latest changes in the student visa application process and requirements. They can also guide you about the rights and benefits that you gain as an international student in Australia.

You must also know that you can also bring your family members with you to Australia on your student visa. They will be able to stay and work in Australia as long as your course is valid. They will also be able to work for at least 40 hours per two weeks and for unlimited hours during your holidays.

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