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How mobile phones have changed the world

by Comcomelectronics

If you have landed at the right, where you will know about the importance of mobile phone and how mobile phones have changed the world. Since, 2015 we have seen a tremendous change in the world related to the digital era. With the pace of time technology has upgraded itself a lot. Things which we use like, mobile phones, laptops, computers, internet, etc were not able back then in the past.

Changing in the technology has changed the world as well and made our life more comfortable than before. Mobile phones are the biggest using tool in today’s date. Every second person all over the world has phone and internet access as well. Basically, mobile phones are being segregated into two categories, android or iOS which we found in apple Phones.

Here are 4 ways that how mobile phones have changed the world

1) Communication- Mobile phones have removed the communication gap all over the world. Messaging, calls, video calls, zoom calls, etc.. multiple options we have to communicate with the other people from any corner of the world. It has become very easy to transfer your message and share your thoughts and everything happened with the help of mobile phones.

2) Social media- We know that how powerful social media is now a days. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the big platform of social media and the size of audience is huge. Your mobile phone is enough capable to run all these softwares. You don’t need to open your desktop of laptop you can just use your smartphone and can use these platforms easily.

If you run a business of textile in that case you need to keep posting pictures of all the new collections. With the help your mobile phones you can update to your audience from every corner in the world on the social media platforms.

3) Digital transaction– We are living in digital era where most of the things happening digitally and the biggest example of this fact is digital transaction. Making payment through UPI, net banking or paytm. To make digital transaction all you should have is your cell phone. Without  your mobile phone you cannot make payment. You mobile phone is one of the most powerful tool if you know how to use it.

4) Manage data- Data is a collection of information like (text, images, videos, etc).  There was a time when big hard-drive or softwares were in use to save the data, which occupied a lot of space. But now you need to carry a big machine to save your data, your mobile phone is built with the advanced technology who can manage or save it.


We have discussed that how mobile phones have changed the world. We need to understand that everything has advantages or disadvantages. If you know how to use it then it will give you the advantages. Now even schools are also promoting that how to study in your mobile phone. Writing on the paper of prepare the notes takes a lot of time. With the help of your mobile phones you can study by sitting even in the park as well, you should have good network of internet. Sharing notes, group studies, classes, doubt solving everything you can manage with your mobile phones.

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