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How Does an LED Driver Work and Why Do I Need One?

How Does an LED Driver Work and Why Do I Need One?

by khums09

The most perplexing aspect of light-emitting diode technology is frequently the LED drivers. Since there are so many options to take into account, the process might be a little intimidating. To use an LED replacement for an existing light bulb, you must remove the old product and insert the new one.

This tutorial offers the crucial considerations to take into account when selecting an LED driver for your planned application. To guarantee that the appropriate decision is taken the first time, it also provides the knowledge that lies behind those data points.

Why Is an LED Driver Necessary?

Most people today are aware of LED technology’s widely reported advantages. This lighting option makes sense for many residences and commercial establishments due to tightening energy laws and the useful advantages these bulbs offer.

Many people are unaware that LED lights require a specific driver to function. This power source is comparable to low-voltage transformers or ballast for a fluorescent bulb. It provides the proper power source, enabling the LED to work as it should.

The best performance of the LED light bulbs was not possible without the right driver. Every LED light source or bulb needs a driver to work. Most employ integrated drivers, particularly if they are designed for home use. If a 120V power supply is required for the device to operate, it probably specifies this requirement so that a plug-and-play experience is possible.

When you require a low-voltage LED light source, such as tape lights or outdoor-rated items, a separate driver is frequently required. This energy source has two distinct uses.

  • LEDs are shielded from current and voltage variations by drivers. The light output may alter if the supply’s voltage changes. The output degrades more quickly when it is too much or not enough current flowing because the product’s internal temperatures rise.
  • Direct current electricity with low voltage is used to power LEDs. The majority of fixtures are connected to an alternating current source with a higher voltage. When customers buy the product, the driver corrects the condition without their having to build buffers or bridges.

What Are the Important Considerations?

You can choose the best product for your current and future needs by carefully considering several factors when looking for an appropriate LED driver for your lighting requirements.

Here is a closer look at what should be considered before selecting the best driver for your circumstances.

Output Voltage

This amount is expressed in volts. If you have a constant-voltage driver, the output will match what the LED needs. The total voltage required when executing a string or stack must match what is supplied.

Output Power

This factor’s value is in watts. It ought to be at least as powerful as the LED being utilized. For added safety, drivers ought to have a higher output power than the diodes. When they line up, it is operating at full power, which could result in the driver living a life that is cut short too soon.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of LED drivers is rated at several thousand hours. The meantime before failure is the name of it (MTBF). Calculate an acceptable time for your installation needs by comparing the level you are currently operating at. On the packaging of bulbs, this data is frequently presented as a lifetime rating.

IP Rating

How much moisture and dust resistance does your LED driver require? The IP65 rating is the very bare minimum if it will be used in an environment where these components potentially pose a threat. An IP68 rating is preferable when a water-tight solution is required. Anything that begins with a 6 is dust-tight, and the second number, either a 7 or an 8, denotes submersion protection.

Output current

Although amps can also be used to convey this quantity, milliamps are the more common unit. You can utilize drivers that are either constant or variable. For it to function properly, your LEDs must fall inside the selected range. To increase the lifespan of diodes, run them at a lower current.

Termination Method

How is the application’s LED driver connected? While some designs already have wires attached, others need to be purchased separately. To maintain a streamlined design, mounting the cables to it can be necessary.


Do you need an enclosure for the LED driver that you need? Does it become a part of the system? A more compact design, such as an open-frame one, will fit better with your application. Additionally, it safeguards IP ratings and standalone units.


We work hard to offer high-quality goods at affordable costs. We can guide you through the process of whether you want to upgrade or replace your lighting system. For your convenience, Suncoled offers a variety of LED Drivers and LED Lighting.





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