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Horse’s benefits from listening to music

by Elliesmith

You’ve heard that music is an excellent way to help horses to remain calm and even boost their performance of horses. You can also use music in a variety of other situations. it can offer a variety of benefits to you and your horse, summarized here. 


Like humans, music creates a sense of relaxation in horses too. To help your horse relax, play one of his favorite songs during a ride, in the barn, or even during a massage or grooming session. When your horse can associate music with relaxation and calm, you can use it as a coping strategy when you are in stressful situations.

A fascinating investigation in 2017 examined the results of massaging therapy and music on the stress levels of racehorses. The study involved 120 Arabian racehorses split into three groups.

The first group of participants listened to the new age guitar music at the back of the building for five hours per day. The second group also received massages following exercise, whereas the third group received no particular treatment.

After analyzing Cortisol levels (stress hormone) in a horse’s saliva, scientists concluded. Massages proved more effective in decreasing stress; music was more effective at helping horses relax better than nothing.

Reducing Stress In New Environments

One of the greatest aspects of music is it’s being portable. Horses can listen to it at the barn, in the field, and when they’re staying in a place fresh.

Once music is part of your horse’s everyday routine, he’ll also connect it with the comforts of home. Traveling can be stressful for horses, particularly when you are in the location of a stranger. Horses live in the present and now and do not know when they’ll return home.

Thus, taking a small piece that is their own home with you on your travels will make a big difference to a nervous horse. It can give them a sense of security and safety to hear the familiar sound of the new stable.

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Smoother Vet/Farrier/Dental visits

Are farrier or vet visits stressful for your horse? Try relaxing music to make them forget about the procedure and block out the sound of the equipment employed. Certain vets use songs to accelerate horses’ recovery following surgery.

Masking of Disturbing Noises

As we said, music is an effective method of hiding unpleasant noises that horses hear. This strategy can be extremely effective with horses in stables who cannot escape the enraged sound.

Thunder, for instance, can reach 115 decibels and occur at irregular intervals. When you consider the hearing range of humans and horses of 60 to 80 decibels, there’s no surprise that a storm could cause stress for horses. Music played amid a storm could bring peace to the barn.


“Sounds cause both positive and negative behavior in horses. The inability to escape the paddock in a violent storm can trigger high tension. An abrupt, jarring sound or a loud frequency could cause muscle tension, leading to stress. Making sure you have the most sonic and comfortable atmosphere for the horse could be as vital as providing him the highest quality veterinary care and diet. One instrument you can employ to regulate your horse’s surroundings is music. .”

Illness Prevention

Its true music can also be an effect on preventing stress-related diseases in horses. It’s proven that stress may trigger certain illnesses in animals and humans. Thus, using the soothing effects of music to ease anxiety in horses is an element of care for horses.

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