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Highlighting the Significance of Holistic Approach in Child Development

by antondcruze

Taking a comprehensive approach towards children’s learning and development acknowledges the interdependence of the intellect, spirit, and body.  When early childhood educators use a holistic approach, educators consider not just the cognitive factors of learning but also the children’s physiological, psychological, social, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Holistic approach encourages the overall development of the child. This development connects the growth of children with their analytical and creative abilities. Early childhood education involves much more concepts than holistic development. It involves training students to deal with different types of children and under complex conditions. Early childhood education helps the student to focus on the holistic or comprehensive strategy towards child development. Students constantly learn new theories which links childhood development with their surroundings. Students often utilize assignment help Brisbane, for obtaining assistance in completing these assignments.

Components of Early Childhood Education

Students who study early childhood education learn to deliver developmentally appropriate strategies for child development. The components of childhood education dictate how such educators can use information for dealing with children. The three of the most important aspects which an early childhood educator considers are:

  1. Reflecting the uniqueness in delivering care to children.
  2. Providing care in a manner which encourages child’s learning and development.
  3. Being alert for any kind of child abuse.
  4. To use information from a child’s family.
  5. Encouraging children for being more creative.

Reflecting uniqueness is particularly important as each child is unique. Educators cannot apply an approach which is generalized for every child. For instance, one child needs nurturing while others may need a bit of strictness. Being an early education student, students are involved in multiple types of assignments. These assignments are a lot time consuming and they demand a lot of effort. There are a number of reasons for which they are not able to complete their assignment within the deadline. They end up asking for help from an assignment help Brisbane service provider.

Why Students Opt for Early Childhood Education?

There are so many reasons behind students opting for Early Childhood Education. These reasons are that new research is regularly exploring areas of the brain involved in child’s development. The techniques for evolving these regions are under research. Students are interested in learning more and more about such techniques. Therefore, they opt for this code. Students also opt this course to understand the cost effective method of fostering child’s development. Apart from this, students are involved in stimulating an environment which encourages growth of a child’s physiological and psychological development. All this information can become very complex for students to retain. Therefore a common search which arises is online assignment help Brisbane.

Theories of Early Childhood Development

There are several theories which form the basis of early childhood education. These are:

Bowlby’s Attachment Theory

The theory states that children have the innate ability to form attachments. These attachments are necessary for their survival. They possess a biological tendency for forming one main attachment. Therefore, it is the inherent ability of a child to form a bond with the primary caregiver.

Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory

This theory deals with a child’s cognitive development. This theory states that the intelligence of a child develops with age. There are multiple stages which a child passes through for their complete development. Passing through each stage leads towards the development of a child’s cognition.

Frued’s Psychosexual Developmental Theory

This theory defines three aspects of an individual’s development. Three aspects are id, ego and superego. The id determines the personality of a person. The ego operates within the conscious realm. The superego operates on the moral principles of an individual.

Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Theory

This theory suggests that there are certain conflicts at each stage. If these issues are not resolved with that stage, they remain as unresolved issues throughout. For instance, if a child at stage 1 faces mistrust, they demonstrate trust issues throughout their lifetime.

All these theories are frequently present in the assignments. Although, the summary of the theory is present above. These concepts become much more complex when they are in conjugation. This makes students more vulnerable towards asking for CHC30113 Assessment Answers help from assignment making services. These services are helping students with timely delivery of plagiarism free assignments. 

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