Hero Pleasure Scooty: Is it Worth Buying?

by navneetsharma

There are some similarities and differences between scooters and motorcycles. Geared bikes allow you to control multiple functions at once. With your left hand, you clutch; with your right hand, you accelerate; with your right foot, you brake; and with your left hand, your gear. This is enjoyable for bikers, but it may become overwhelming for some. Compared to gear-driven hero pleasure scooty, scooters are much simpler and perfect as city runabouts! 

It has a different specification than Hero’s Pleasure Plus and a different budget than Hero’s new Pleasure Plus. Because of your budget and according to your ride, Hero Pleasure and Hero New Pleasure Plus may make a slight difference in your purchase.

In Mumbai, the Hero Pleasure has an ex-showroom price of Rs.50,000 and an on-road price of Rs. 56,000. It is powered by a single-cylinder, 102cc engine capable of producing 6.9 bhp and 8.1Nm of torque. 63 km/l is the mileage you’ll get from it. About 101 kilograms are contained in it.

Hero Pleasure appears to have been discontinued as it has been removed from the brand’s official website. Since the company had already launched its new hero pleasure scooty and updated it to meet BS6 standards, it was inevitable. Meanwhile, Hero Pleasure has not received a significant update since 2017, when it received BS4 updates.

As a woman-friendly hero pleasure scooty, the Hero Pleasure was initially marketed to women. In 2017, BS4-compliant engines, AHO (always on headlamps), new dual-tone body colours, and new body graphics were added to the scooter. In addition to matt grey & red, matt grey & white, matt grey & yellow, fiery red, pearl white, matt grey, and bold black, there were new colours as well. 

A braking distance of almost 15 percent can be reduced with the scooter’s Integrated Braking System (IBS). A charging socket is mounted in the front storage compartment, a boot light is mounted under the seat, and a side stand light is mounted on the side stand.

A 102cc, air-cooled, four-stroke engine powers the Pleasure and is mated to a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). A trailing link style suspension is standard on the front, drum brakes are standard on both ends, and a single shock absorber on the rear. The TVS Scooty Zest and Honda Activa I are the most notable among their rivals.


This is an essential point to consider when considering scooty vs bike. It is possible to comfortably fit a week’s worth of groceries and even a medium-sized luggage bag in the footrest area of a gearless scooter. Consider placing a suitcase on a motorcycle in comparison. 


Scooters have an advantage over geared bikes due to their ease of use and convenience. You have to wring the throttle, and the Hero pleasure scooty gradually picks up speed. The engine works with a single-speed CVT transmission. The small wheel size makes it easy to manoeuvre in narrow streets due to its flexibility.


A gearless hero pleasure scooty has an engine similar in size to a commuter bike but has been tuned differently. The fuel efficiency numbers are impressive when combined with the CVT gearbox. Compared to a geared bike, scooters are always more fuel-efficient, which is due to their lighter weight. A scooter is more lightweight and economical because it does not have a heavy fuel tank, chrome crash guards, or massive wheels.


There is another point of difference between bikes and scooters: that scooters win on comfort. The ride on a scooty price in EMI is much more comfortable than on a motorcycle. While geared bikes have stronger suspensions, scooters are more comfortable and have smaller wheels, overall agile dynamics, and lighter handling, making them easy to ride in cities.


You have plenty of storage space under the seat of a scooter, which is perhaps one of its greatest advantages. Additionally, the front footrest can be used to place items between your legs. Scooters are a great choice if you want to run errands like grocery shopping or store your helmet.

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