Here is How to Shop Centuary Mattress at The Lowest Price

by Bunty Goswami

Experts and physicians often highlight the need for a restful night’s sleep. A typical adult needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep daily to operate normally. However, working professionals are often exhausted, with stress and worry inhibiting their ability to obtain a restful night’s sleep. This emphasizes the need to select a quality mattress. Centuary Mattress is an excellent manufacturer of these types of mattresses. Customized to provide the precise style of the mattress a customer needs, Centuary mattress’s price list comes in all ranges available in various sizes. 

You may buy Centuary mattress online by visiting the Bajaj mall and selecting a model from the extensive selection offered. These mattresses include, among others, spring mattresses, foam mattresses, and memory foam mattresses. 

Available Types of Centuary Mattresses at the Bajaj Mall

When purchasing your perfect mattress, you must be mindful of the several accessible mattress kinds. These mattresses vary in material, function, size, and form, among other characteristics. While shopping for a mattress on EMI, you will encounter the following varieties of Centuary mattresses with wide ranges of Centuary mattress price lists.

  • Centuary Hybrid Mattress The hybrid mattresses provide the added convenience of two distinct mattress kinds. For example, the Centuary Health Spa – Memory Foam Mattress combines the advantages of an orthopedic bed with a Gel memory foam mattress.
  • Centuary Orthopaedic Mattress: The brand’s orthopedic mattresses alleviate aches and pains while being gentle on the neck and joints. These Centuary orthopedic mattresses are perfect for the elderly and individuals with joint issues.

Pocket spring mattresses, such as the Centuary Pocket Spring Mattress, are suitable for those with back discomfort. Because each pocket spring responds uniquely to a person’s body weight, this mattress provides additional support for appropriate spine alignment than conventional mattresses.

  • Centuary Memory Foam Mattress: The business offers a broad selection of memory foam mattresses. These Centuary memory foam mattresses give increased comfort as they “envelop” the sleeper, resulting in a cozy and restful night’s sleep.
  • Centuary Bonnell Spring Mattress The Bonnell spring mattresses are beautiful models that give enough lumbar support while increasing the sleeping individual’s degree of comfort.
  • Centuary Dual Comfort Mattress: Dual comfort mattresses are reversible. While one side is quite soft, the other is stiffer, offering the dual client comfort.

Size-Specific Centennial Mattresses Available at the Bajaj Mall

Additionally, mattresses may be characterized by their sizes. Four sizes of Centuary mattresses are offered at the Bajaj Mall. These consist of:

  • Centuary King Bed Dimensions: 78 x 72
  • Centuary Queen Bed Dimensions: 72 x 60
  • Centuary Single Bed Dimensions: 78″ x 36″
  • Centuary Double Bed Dimensions: 78″ x 48″

You may pick a mattress depending on your specific needs, which vary from the standard sizes listed above. Using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you may pay for the bed in interest-free installments after selecting the mattress that best meets your requirements.

Available at the Bajaj Mall are Exciting Deals & No-Cost EMIs on Centuary Mattress

Customers have relied on Centuary mattresses for decades to achieve a good night’s sleep. The cost of a Centuary mattress ranges from Rs 6,000 to over Rs 70,000, depending on the bed style and whether you want an ordinary or a premium mattress. While purchasing at the Bajaj Mall, you will not need to worry about the mattresses pricing. 

This is because these mattresses are sold at reduced costs and come with attractive offers and bargains. In addition, the Bajaj Mall is India’s first online marketplace that only offers EMI financing, allowing you to buy mattresses in affordable price range. In fact, with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you may purchase any bed you like in interest-free installments with no down payment.


Mattresses are often seen as expensive purchases since it is considered that the majority of quality mattresses are priced at a premium. However, if you purchase during offer time, you may take advantage of significant discounts on bed and locate mattresses at a reasonable mattress price list. Additionally, Centuary provides a free 100-night at-home trial to guarantee your pleasure.

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