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Hairline Lowering Treatment: Procedures, Cost, And Benefits

by palmdesertht

Hairline lowering is a cosmetic process that can enable you to eliminate the height of your scalp. A huge forehead might result from genetic hair or other cosmetic treatments. The surgical option can help to balance the facial proportions of your face. It is a separate process, a bow lift. Hairline lowering near me surgery is also referred to as forehead reduction surgery. It is typically a cosmetic procedure used to reduce the length of your forehead. Keep reading more about this procedure, its cost, and its benefits.

The Procedure Forehead Reduction Work

Hairline lowering surgery is a straightforward process by a professional facial plastic surgeon. The surgery typically lasts about three hours based on the specifications. This surgery is mostly done simultaneously with other surgeries like the brow lift to help maximize your time and money. During the surgery, your doctor will sedate you using general or local anesthesia based on the surgeon’s preference. Before the surgeon starts, they will plan a boundary on the newly set hairline. After drawing the new hairline, your surgeon will make an incision to help loosen the hair-bearing scalp tissues. Then the last step will move your skin forward to about three centimeters and eliminate any excess skin before they close the incision.

It is possible that the scalp skin type is not elastic enough to be reduced to the wanted amount. Suppose this happens. The surgeon might suggest placing a tissue expander under your scalp. After your skin has been stretched enough, you can have another hairline lowering process. In about six weeks, your skin will have gradually stretched. After it has stretched enough, the surgeon will remove the expander and finish the process. Another alternative is to have a second hairline lowering surgery. The surgeon will use two or more layers of stitches or surgical clips to close the incisions, and after the hairline has been closed, they will remove them. And will as well cover it with some surgical dressing afterward.

Cost of Hairline Lowering Near Me Procedure

The cost of a hairline lowering surgery typically depends on several factors. With the forehead reduction surgery, you are expected to pay between $4000 and $13000 for the surgery. The factors that affect this procedure can be affected by the experience and the reputation of the surgeon, the city they are practicing, and the complexity of the surgery. Suppose the process needs advanced methods or preparations; you will be required to pay more.

If you are hoping to get more than five centimeters, lowering the hairline might not require a tissue expander, allowing the surgeon to pull the hairline taut. Other costs are typically the cost of anesthesia, the surgical clinic, and the nurses associated with the procedure. Note that you will be needed to pay using cash since it is a cosmetic treatment and is not covered by insurance.

Benefits of a Hairline Lowering Surgery

A hairline lowering surgery is a permanent solution. The brows might fall slightly as years progress because of natural aging, and your hairline will always remain smaller. It will not stretch back to its initial position. The surgery will also help generate more balanced and harmonious facial proportions and provide you with a more balanced hairline. After the surgery, you will enjoy a better and quicker outcome.

Final Thought

The hairline lowering near me procedure is mostly done on men and women who do not have a family history of family hair loss. The main requirement for this procedure is having a high forehead, good elasticity, and no hair loss. Scalp laxity is critical since your scalp’s stretch directly affects the procedure’s outcome. This treatment is generally safe, but there are still some risks. But finding an experienced surgeon will help you reduce these complications.


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