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Hair Care Tips For Bleached Hair

by profitparrot

Because bleaching can weaken the hair’s structure, it’s especially important to take good care of bleached hair. A common complaint about bleached hair is that it has a rough, frizzy texture because the bleaching process makes the hair more porous. Dry, porous hair isn’t just uncomfortable and prone to breakage and unwanted color transfer.

However, it’s not all bad news; proper aftercare for bleached hair can produce luscious, vibrant blonde tones.

1. Do Not Bleach the Ends

It’s common for hair to break off at the ends. The older hair at the ends is more likely to be brittle because it has been bleached or dyed multiple times when the bleach is applied to the entire shaft.

Our number one piece of advice for maintaining bleached hair at home is to use a toner instead of bleach to refresh your blonde hair and protect it from damage. Over-coloring at the ends will be avoided, and regular trims will keep your hair looking great.

2. Wash Less Frequently

Try washing your hair no more than three times a week to preserve color and the natural oils it produces. In time, your hair will get used to less frequent visits.

Using natural hair care products like natural dry shampoo in between washes is a great way to give your hair a new lease on life and revitalize the color without washing it. Again, keep it away from the ends and use it only on the oily parts of your scalp until your hair gets used to the new washing schedule.

3. Use Purple Shampoo

Keeping bleached hair healthy is challenging in and of itself, but avoiding the inevitable brassiness that comes with having blonde hair is also difficult. If your blonde hair is on the healthier side and you want to maintain the tone as much as possible after a salon visit, consider including a purple shampoo in your routine; just be careful not to use too much!

4. Wash with Warm Water

If you want healthier bleached hair, reduce the temperature of your shower. Hair color can be washed out and faded if washed with hot water because it opens the cuticles of the hair.

To prevent your hair color from fading, it is recommended that you use lukewarm water when shampooing and cool water when rinsing out the conditioner.

5. Avoid Applying Heat

A brief break from using hot tools on your hair is recommended. Applying heat to locks that are already dry can be traumatic. Don’t worry; we aren’t suggesting you stop using your hair tongs forever. But before you do, safeguard your locks with a heat-protectant spray or conditioning mist.

You can also use an organic hair mask to lock in nutrients and hair protection in your scalp and hair strands. Natural products do not contain harmful chemicals. Hence, your bleached hair is safe from any risk of damage because of overpowering hair chemicals.

If you just can’t live without your straightening irons, use lightweight hair oil as a finishing treatment for a smooth, chic look.

By – Profit Parrot

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