Goals For YouTube Promotion In 2022

by Denis52

There are various YouTube marketing strategies, and not all of them are made equal. As a result, YouTube has its own set of best practices similar to search engine optimization (SEO). Let’s discuss a few YouTube promotion strategies in 2022.


You cannot simply pack keywords into your video’s title. Similar to keyword stuffing in SEO, this will have the opposite effect on readers—it will turn them off.

Instead, begin the title of your video with a well-known phrase before including your brand.

So, “How to Clean Windows | Your Business” is one possible title for a video on washing windows.

This strategy is comparable to SEO titles for a reason: it is effective.

The descriptions in your video are brief, which makes it more difficult for viewers to understand what you’re trying to say.

The first three sentences of your description must therefore contain a call to action. Along with the same keywords as in your title and tags, you should also add a link to a relevant page on your website.

There is a lot of information to stuff into the first three sentences of a description, but doing so can significantly increase the number of people that visit your website.

Another way to organise and keyword your video is with tags.

It’s better to start with the most pertinent term when creating tags. Then, you may add tags to that term to expand it, ensuring that you show up in a variety of searches.

Many YouTube marketers hold the unfounded belief that the first tag you apply for your video will carry more weight than other tags when users search for keywords. Even if they’re wrong, it’ll be the first tag your users encounter, letting them know they’ve found the right video for their requirements.


A fantastic approach to incorporate text-based content into your video is through transcripts. Transcripts are practically necessary for blind or deaf users to understand what you’re saying, and they also help your videos rank higher in Google and other search engines. (Blind persons frequently utilise screen reader software with braille input options.)

You may greatly improve your video’s SEO potential and make it more accessible to all of your potential viewers by adding a transcript.

You can hear what’s being spoken through a function called closed captioning.

The benefit of closed captioning for disabled YouTube users, especially the deaf, is similar to that of transcripts. With closed captions, YouTube won’t have to guesstimate your video’s speech, which isn’t always reliable.

Instead, you use precise language to ensure that nobody misunderstands what you’re saying.

Annotations / Cards

Although they don’t have any intrinsic search value, annotations and cards might be helpful for interspersing text throughout a video to highlight important topics.

Each video should typically only have one or two annotations or cards. If you utilise too many, viewers will stop watching your video since it will appear spammy.


Users see thumbnails, which are still images of your video, when they search for it or when it shows on your channel.

Each video needs its own thumbnail with a high-contrast, attention-grabbing image because they are your viewers’ first point of contact.

The thumbnail that YouTube chooses can be pixelated or interpolated.

Now that you understand how to promote your videos naturally, let’s look at YouTube’s paid video promotion options.


The single most important factor in using YouTube to successfully promote a brand is consistency. Additionally, great results are obtained when consistency and quality are combined.

Establish a single, reliable time for posting new videos and adhere to it strictly. By letting viewers know when new videos will be released, this fosters continuity.

Regular video uploads help to maintain your YouTube brand and establish you as an active contributor to the community.

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