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Geometry Dash free for PC, Did You Try?

by exploreknobby

You take control of a cube in the computer game Geometry Dash, which must navigate its way through a variety of stages by bouncing and avoiding all of the obstacles in its path. The game combines elements of the platformer, runner, and music genres. In addition, the game has insane visuals and an outstanding original score that will help you get into the zone. Put your talents to the test and see if you can get the best score across all of the stages.


Controls are simple, since the game may be played with only one button or key on the keyboard. The challenge is whether or not you will be able to press just one button at the appropriate tempo while maintaining your agility and quickness. If you collide with any of the obstacles, the level will be considered failed, and you will have to restart the level from the beginning.

Different designs: each level has its unique look to provide you with a different experience each time you play it.

Many different challenges

You will need to accomplish a large number of missions inside a variety of levels, and each one will provide its own unique set of problems and surprises. Some of these challenges and surprises include changing from a cube to a rocketship, experiencing inverse gravity, and more. When you successfully finish a level, you will be rewarded with money, stars, power fragments, diamonds, orbs, and keys that may be used throughout the game.

A large number of difficulty levels

You will be able to modify the degree of difficulty of your experience based on your current skill level. These levels range from Easy to Demon and include everything in between. The more hidden coins you collect, the more of them you will be able to unlock.

Level editor

Using the level editor, you are able to design your own challenges and then contribute them to the community. There are 21 official levels, and gamers may create an unlimited number of additional ones.

The music

The soundtrack truly takes the experience to a whole new level as it syncs up with the rhythm of the challenges and gives you a sense of being both strong and completely immersed in the flow of things.

A great community

A wonderful community that has developed into a sizable one over the course of the years. It provides first-rate customer service as well as regular game updates, which help to make the experience even better.

The in-game store

The in-game shop gives you the opportunity to buy a variety of cars, wakes, colors, and effects, allowing you to totally customize your experience and look whatever you choose while being fashionable.

Graphics and sound

Despite the fact that the visuals in Geometry Dash are simply made up of basic geometric objects like cubes and triangles, the overall look of the game very well polished and full of wild and beautiful effects. In addition, there is an original score for the game, as well as a great deal of aural feedback. All of which intended to support the rhythm of the action. The level of polish and understated elegance in both the aesthetics and the acoustics make them stand out.

Duration and game modes

The only mode of play available in Geometry Dash is the single-player experience. Because the game may be rather difficult at times and provide you with a test to your talent. It has a practice mode that enables you to train and sharpen your attention and practice abilities before you take them on in the game.

If you simply concentrate on the most important goals, you are likely to spend 14–16 hours on the project on average. Nevertheless, if you dare to try for a completion rate of 100%, plan on spending hundreds of hours on it.

What do the reviews say?

On Metacritic, players have given the game Geometry Dash an 8.6/10 rating. It is a fun game, so there is no reason not to give it a go without giving it any more consideration.

“Geometry Dash is a game that is both really fun and exceedingly difficult to play. You may always finish the stages by utilizing the practice mode, and then you can hop into the many various user-generated levels after that. Despite the fact that it can become a little annoying at times, you have this option. (Softpedia)

Age rating

The game does not have a PEGI rating of any kind attached to it. On the other hand, it is quite acceptable to say that it is appropriate for any audience.

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