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Features and Functions of Solidworks

by campus44

Solidworks allows you to develop a robust and fully functional mechatronics system. It starts from the software planning stage and supports you till the end. Further, it also helps you with visual ideation, modeling, and, project management. Basically, it supports you in designing and building electrical or software elements. If you want to know about it in brief, Solidworks Online Course will guide you through the journey. However, with a descriptive learning approach, you can manage things like data automation, device management, analytics, and cloud services. 

How Solidworks is helping in designing

  • Its rich feature allows you to design any imaginable shape. 
  • Electrical, mechanical or ECE engineers use this software to invent a new connected design.
  • This is a software program that enables the users a way to improvise the product design while they work quickly and on an economical basis.

SolidWorks Features & Functions 

Solidworks programs as a parametric CAD program which says every feature made in the program is built on the parameters of the feature it’s physically attached to. Basically, if the parameters of a primary feature change (such as width) attached secondary features will lower down in the timeline and also get affected (such as hole spacing) 

The new Solidworks 2022 has many unique selling points that make it different from various other professional CAD programs. Indeed, these tools made it as one of the most ‘Promising Software’ among engineers and designers. Here are some other Solidworks features;

Rendering: Solidworks visualization enables you to make presentation-ready products. Further, you can import Solidworks CAD files directly into the software. It also extends features like accurate lighting, texture, and reflection. 

Simulation: Through the process of simulation, parts are subjected to stress tests for structural flaws. Taking into consideration the accurate measurement and powerful analysis tools. Additionally, the premium package allows you to measure flow rates and compressions. This further helps to reduce the need to build & test physical prototypes. 

Evaluation: You can use drawing tools after you complete assembly. It spontaneously creates an accurate 2D representation of a part. Further, allowing the user to drag & drop different view angles. To come up with a complete orthographic representation. 

Manufacture: After the evaluation of the part, it is ready for manufacture. 

Exclusive Features of Solidworks

3-D Printing – It’s a new feature of Solidworks 2022. It provides a shortcut to the prototype stage by including useful features. It considers factors like if your part fits in a specific 3D printer’s bed or not before the part is exported for 3D printing. 

Flexible Parts – This allows you to make flexible parts under assembly mode. This becomes useful in visualizing how a sprung sub-assembly will operate. 

Weldments – These will replicate the welded structures. And fix the parts together with welds, plates, and gussets. 

Sheet metal – It converts a solid part into a sheet metal configuration. Added with automatic flattening and bend length compensation. 

Mould Design – It develops the designing of molded parts and tooling need to manufacture them. This includes automatic draft compensation & cavity creation. 

Design Automation – With the help of DriveWorks Xpress, it will allow the user to repeat repetitive design operations. This can be done by clicking the button to quickly complete large assemblies with repetitive features. 

BOM – It gives you a round-off bill of materials to estimate the part costs/assembly/final product. 

However, it’s the extremely intuitive default layout, easy-to-see button, and flexibility makes it the most preferred choice amongst designer and engineer and the program is also easily approachable.


After going through all of its features, you can say that the application is easy to use and afford. Also, over the years, many versions have come up in the market. The new developments are sufficient enough to suffice the needs of engineers. Indeed, the business requirements here show a bright future ahead for the application. Certainly, Solidworks has become a leader in mechanical computer aid design programming. For a career in design, SolidWorks Training Institute in Delhi will benefit you in every manner. This design application is in use in most places. Hence, this is a solution to every design problem coming in the way of designing development process. 

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