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Factors That Make Custom Embroidery Digitizing So Important

by nomandawood

The wave of digitization has come a long and deep way in the clothing industry. From ancient times, when clothing was only a way to hide one’s appearance, to today’s digital world, clothing has become the epitome of status, elegance, and style. Digitization has brought enormous and important changes. The same goes for embroidery, which started as fine art and is now a trademark of custom embroidery designs through computerized embroidery, known for delivering elegant and inspiring masterpieces. Here are three main factors driving the growing importance of custom digitizing embroidery:


Individuality: custom designs always have their own style, elegance and attitude, and are fresh and unique in their elements and color combinations. 


Quality: As embroidery has gone digital, custom orders are known to have high quality standards, with every stage of design held to strict quality standards and guidelines to maximize customer satisfaction. 


DURABILITY: Digitally customized embroidery with attractive design and elegant design takes into account the quality of embroidery design to last long even in adverse weather conditions.


These 3 factors are based on the following parameters:


Allocation of Stitches:


Stitches are customized using an embroidery pattern. The first step in the task is to understand the bottom stitches, which define the process of creating a base on the fabric so that all the top stitches fall evenly and perfectly. It’s like creating a canvas on a canvas to create a masterpiece. It is very important to define a specific structure for the core and overlap points. Even the incompetence of creating pillow layers can make the empty spaces of the fabric visible.


Types of Stitches:


There are three main types of stitch fill design elements depending on the chosen image and design. Three stich types include:






The start and end of each point and the direction play an equally important role in digitization. When the design process is pleasing to the eye with the correct selection of points placed in the correct composition and direction, it is better to judge by experience and expertise in this field.


3 Understanding Push and Pull effect: Understanding the push and pull effect is important because it determines the complexity and final finish of your embroidery design. When digitizing embroidery, whether monograms, motifs, or logos, the fabric tends to move, and then the digitizer stretches it to compensate for points that often change during the drawing process. This compensation, if done sloppily and meticulously, can make the final design look messy and unattractive.


Selection of Fabric


The choice of fabric is important because there is a direct correlation between the density of the fabric and the type of stitch it will be used on. Embroidering on lightweight and low-density fabrics like cotton and silk is always fun, but when it comes to inspiring designs on heavy fabrics like denim, the task becomes tedious and difficult. 


Therefore, you need to be experienced in choosing the right fabric for your chosen seam. However, if the need arises to perform impossible stitches on high-density fabrics, no one can do it better than a professional digitizer who offers high-quality digital embroidery services, seeing the advantages of aligning the design of the item with the density of the stitch and the density of the fabric.


There are many machines and software for digital embroidery. Some of the known machines are fabric inspection, contour cutting, automatic fabric coating, conveyor belts, tubes, and pocket liners. Additionally, the selection of computer embroidery software includes Wilcom E3, Brother PE, Embrilliance StitchArtist, and Embed which also helps in logo digitizing. The correct selection of machines and software is the best way to ensure the quality and durability of the final result. 


Generally, custom embroideries that follow these design standards are becoming more and more popular today as they give worldwide fashion fame to each embroidered product with its superior quality, durability, and new uniqueness.

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