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Everything You Need To Know About Academic Report Writing

by tobinjohn

Academic report writing can be a relaxed experience. You can make it as easy as possible and finish your paper without undue stress. There are a few things you should know before you begin your essay. Read on to learn about the different sections and structures of academic reports.


In writing academic reports, various parts must be arranged in a particular order. The first part of the report is the Introduction, which includes vital background information about the topic. The next part is the Discussion section or Analysis. In this section, you will develop and summarise your key ideas. You may also need to cite your sources and define critical terms.

In this section, you must explain the purpose of your research. The language you choose should be factual and objective. You may also include graphs and tables for better explanation. Also, your conclusion should be included in this section, even if it is not directly related to the report’s subject.


When writing an academic report, there are several factors you must consider, including the format. For one, you must be concise. Often, an essay should have a maximum of twelve to fourteen parts. Each part of the report should follow a specific style and purpose. For instance, a research report should include a section for the findings, one for the methods, and one for the recommendations.

Next, you should create an outline. The outline should be organized into sections and include a table of contents. Creating a strategy helps readers determine which report sections are most relevant.


A bibliography is a list of the literature you used for research. Typically, this list is in alphabetical order by author name or by the title of the article. The author’s last name and initials should also be listed. If the work is published in several different years, it may also be listed in reverse chronological order, emphasizing the issue’s current state. Either way, bibliographies should be ordered systematically to allow readers to find the information they need quickly.

The method you choose to select your sources will depend on the nature of the assignment and the research problem you’re tackling. For example, if you’re writing an academic report on social factors, you may need to include some historical and non-U.S. sources. Choosing the best sources will require you to consider each source’s research question, method, and connections. You’ll also want to consider the sources’ conclusions.

Avoiding Jargon in Academic Report Writing

Avoiding jargon in academic report writing is a critical skill for writers. Jargon is the technical vocabulary used by specialists in a field, but it is challenging to understand others. It’s also a sign of pretentiousness or over-complicated language. To avoid jargon in academic writing, write as simply as possible and avoid using superlatives and inflated phrasing.

While special terms and acronyms can be helpful shorthand within a niche audience, they are often a turnoff to readers. Jargon often gets a bad rap from readers because writers need to recognize that their terms may be complicated for non-specialists. They also need to substitute more straightforward language in their writing.

Avoiding Repetition

There are several reasons for avoiding repetition in academic report writing. One is that it can be boring to the reader. In addition, there are better ways to emphasize a point than repetitive phrases, which can confuse the reader. There are ways to avoid repetition, and some writers do it on purpose.

In academic writing, it is essential to avoid using the exact words and phrases. Using the same words or phrases will make your writing sound mechanical and boring. It is best to use synonyms whenever possible. This is one of the most effective ways to avoid repetition. Using synonyms is crucial for the success of your IELTS, speaking, and writing tests.

Repetition can be a powerful literary device, but too much of it can make your writing sound robotic. For example, ProWritingAid has a tool that can tell you whether you are overusing a phrase. This tool organizes words according to how much they are repeated. The most extended terms are the most likely to be repeated.

Structure of a Report

The structure of an academic report varies depending on the type of report and the topic. However, it should always contain an introduction and conclusion. It should be more than just a collection of references the author consulted while completing the research. It should also include critical Analysis and independent thought. This can take the form of a literature review, a comparison of different systems and solutions, or a critique of previous work.

While writing a report, you should consider the audience you are writing for. Your audience might have specific expectations. For instance, a word that deals with an economics project may have a different structure than one involving a social science project.

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