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Everything About C Programming Language One Should Know

Everything About C Programming Language One Should Know

by Tarun Kumar

C language is among the most ancient and robust programming languages that are widely used all over the globe. It blends the features of high-level languages and the features of assembly language. It’s often referred to as a middle-level computing language.

Due to its portability, sleek style, and proximity to hardware, it’s ideal for low-level programming of kernels for operating systems as well as embedded software. C Language is regarded as the basis for many other programming languages, and is often referred to as the primary language.

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This article we’ll discuss the meaning of C languages, what is the origins of C language, the features as well as applications for C  Language, an easy overview of how C Language functions, as well as some of the most useful free resources to master the language.

What Is C Programming Language?

C is a general-purpose, structure procedure-orient language which provides access to low-level memory of the system.

It was first develope by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at AT&T (formerly name Bell Laboratory) as a system programming language for writing the operating system.

C was create to address the difficulties encountere with BASIC B, C as well as BPCL programs. Other languages like Java, PHP, and JavaScript have taken their syntax and features either directly or in indirect ways from C language.

Due to its flexibility, efficiency, and performance It is frequently employe in high-level software for manipulating data, such as databases.

Features & Benefits of C Language 


C is a basic language that provides an organise method of solving issues. It also offers a broad collection of library features and types of data. C is generally taught as an introduction to programming language since it is known that it is much easier to master every other language of programming when one already has how to use the C language.


C programming languages can be develope on a single platform and run similarly with a different operating system. C is a language that is machine-independent.

Structured programming language

C offers a variety of functions that allow us to break code into smaller components, and that’s the reason C programs are simple to comprehend and alter. Functions also allow code reuse.

Fast and Efficient

Other programming languages like Python and Java provide more functions than C language, however their performance decreases due to the processing they perform.

C programming language gives programmers direct manipulation through the computer hardware. The time for compilation and execution for the C language is also very fast.

Helps understand the fundamentals of Computer Theories

Many computer concepts like operating systems computers, compiler designing as well as computer design are built in C programming. C programming language. These concepts require the knowledge of C programming in order to apply these theories.

Applications of C Programming Language 

Despite the popularity of higher-level languages C remains the dominant language in the world of programming. C programming is not just employed in the development of operating systems, but it is also use in the creation of GUIs as well as IDEs.

It is the preferre programming language use by back-end developers. Here are a few of the most well-known applications using the C language

  • Operating systems
  • Systems embedded with embedded technology
  • System applications
  • Desktop applications
  • GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces)
  • The browser and its extensions
  • Compiler design
  • Databases (for instance, MySQL is built using C programming)
  • Animation and gaming
  • Applications for IoT

C Language Basics – Working of C programming Language

C is an interpret language. This means you need a compiler to convert sources files (human-readable texts) into objects files (which can be read by machines).

The code is written in some or all of the text files that can be read, opene and edit using the text editors of any.

When the compilation is complete and the linker has complete the compilation, it combines the different objects and creates an executable file, which will be use to run the program in the event that the code is free of errors.

Future of C Language

Even after nearly 50 years, C language remains the most use language in the globe. While Python as well as Java have overtaken C with regard to usage, C language continues to be the most basic requirement every programmer must know before beginning their career in programming.

For career options in the field of careers, C programming is a great choice for careers. C language can allow you to be successful in any area, like banking, networking, IT education, management, and more.

Numerous new fields and technologies are emerging that utilize C as primary or secondary programming language.

C can provide you with many opportunities for career advancement in different areas like Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Robotics.


In the case of programming languages for novices, C Language is an excellent option. The process of learning C will allow you to understand the fundamentals of programming and help you in your professional life by making you learn different programming languages later on.

If you’re looking to improve or increase your C Programming Language skills by taking an online course is likely to be the best choice. You can enrol in the online C Programming course to kickstart your journey into programming or to advance your career up to the next step.

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