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Dubai The Famous City – Tour Guide

by JohnhAry321

One of the most visited tourist destinations in the world is a city that has seen so much change in 50 years. It has tripled its population. Keep reading to learn more about Dubai City Tour and the rules that you need to follow. We also have recommendations for places to visit. Let’s get started. Here are some things you can expect to do together.

You Must Know Before Going to Dubai

UAE has its own visa rules and guidelines. Here are some tips to help you get around the country. These will give you information about what you can expect upon arrival and the costs. We recommend that you read the following section before you begin your Dubai city tour.

Dubai Entry requirements

There are various requirements depending on which passport you have. A visa is not required to enter the UAE for citizens of 50 countries. However, those from other countries will need to apply for a visa prior to their visit to Dubai. Serbia, Turkey, North Macedonia, and Albania are all countries that require a visa. Visa applications can be made through approved hotels, airlines and tour operators as well as travel agencies. The visa is not required for countries from the EU, Russia and China. They can apply upon arrival in Dubai. You can stay anywhere from 30 to 90 day depending on where you are from.

What is the cost of a Dubai Trip?

Although Dubai is considered to be an expensive place, it is important to plan your trip in advance if you wish to save money. The price of your trip will vary depending on where you are staying, what you’re looking for and how long you stay. Dubai is less expensive than New York or London. You can spend the same amount on a night out or in a hotel, but it could be even more. Depending on the time of year and where you are arriving, plane tickets can be quite expensive. Prices range from $300 to $1000 and can go up.

What is the best time of year to visit Dubai

Planning is key to saving money for your dream trip, just as we have said. Your preferences will determine the best time to travel to Dubai.

  • April: It’s best to visit April if you don’t mind swimming in the ocean but don’t want your skin to be burned by high temperatures. This is when it’s hot enough to enjoy the sun, but not too harmful for your skin. This is peak season, as the temperatures of 30 degrees allow visitors to fully enjoy the city.
  • July to Aug: If you don’t mind the heat and humidity of Dubai in the summer and want to save some money, then you should consider visiting between July and August. Dubai has plenty of air conditioning so it’s not too hot. You will find plenty of shade, and there are many trees to help you get shelter from the heat. Because it is off-season, there are fewer people in line, which means you will have more time to see everything you planned.
  • November – If you are more of a tourist and enjoy sightseeing, November is the best month to visit. This is the best time to take a stroll around the city.
  • January – If shopping is your main goal in Dubai, then we recommend that you visit in the winter months of January. Dubai Shopping Festival takes place in January, making it a Dubai shopping month. You can get discounts at malls and designer shops, and you can take home all the things that you want. It’s possible to run out of money, so we recommend getting a return ticket.

Dubai travel tips

  • What should I wear? UAE is a predominantly Muslim country. You should therefore be cautious about what clothes you choose to wear. Women should avoid wearing revealing clothing, transparent materials that show the skin, and very tight or short clothes in order to respect the modest Muslim culture. It is not acceptable for men to be dressed in a shirtless manner.
  • Ask permission first before taking photos: You should never ask permission to take photos of strangers unless you are photographing a major tourist attraction. If you want to take selfies of Muslim women, you should not ask for their permission. It is strictly forbidden to take photos of government buildings, military installations or airports.
  • How about tipping? Tipping is common in Dubai but not always expected. Taxi drivers, for example, don’t expect you leave a tip but baggage carriers do. You will find that most restaurants include a tip in the bill.
  • Respect Ramadan. Ramadan, a Muslim holiday, lasts between 29 and 30 days. This Holy Month is when Muslims observe fasting. If you visit during Ramadan, please respect the fasting Muslims and refrain from eating or drinking in public.
  • PDA is forbidden in Dubai. It may surprise you that showing affection in public such as kissing or holding hands is considered highly offensive in Dubai. You may be arrested if you are caught cuddling up with your partner while you’re there.
  • How to withstand the heat: You need to know how to keep cool in Dubai’s hottest months. Your body can breathe better by wearing light-colored, natural fabrics. You can help your body breathe by drinking lots of water and eating smaller, but more frequent meals. You can visit malls with the air conditioner on all the time, or you can go sightseeing in the early mornings.
  • Dubai Tour Packages: Get the most out of your trip with tour packages that offer discounts. Take a friend along and you can get a free ticket. We recommend that you visit this Dubai tour package website to choose the activity that interests you.

Top tourist spots in Dubai

We provide a list of must-see tourist spots and most popular tourist spots for your Dubai city tour. These giant structures broke every record. Continue reading for more information.

What’s Dubai known for?

Dubai is famous for its skyscrapers that touch the sky and man-made structures which are truly amazing when seen in person. The World’s largest islands or the palm of the Gods. These wonders are named Burj Khalifa or the Palm.

1. Burj Khalifa is a giant among buildings

Burj Khalifa, which includes the tip, is the highest building in the world, stands at 830 meters. This skyscraper was built in 2004. It was completed six years later. Burj Dubai was the original name for this structure when it was built. The Dubai Fountain is an 84-meter-long structure outside the tower that shoots water to the beats of classical and modern Arabic music. You can climb the tower to see Dubai from a different perspective. Enjoy a meal at one of the tower’s restaurants or relax in The Burj Club.

2. Dubai Mall – A record-breaking shopping experience

This place holds the record for the largest shopping mall in the country, as well as the highest tower in the entire world. There are many attractions at the Dubai Mall. There are many restaurants that offer delicious food and beverages for foodies. While you shop, your children can have fun in KidZania. Bring your family and friends to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. This attraction is one of the most popular in the mall. This tunnel is 48 meters long and features more than 140 sub-marine animals. You can find out more information about the mall at our dedicated page.

3. Dubai Frame – Where modern and old collide

This golden frame, located in Zabeel Park, is the largest in the world. This huge frame is only found in Dubai. The Dubai frame is a link between old and new Dubai. You can see the old city on one side and the modern side with its futuristic architecture and tall buildings on the other. The bridge is located at the top of the frame. It’s not for the faint of heart. There are two galleries in the side frames: The Old Gallery, and The Future Gallery. You can find all the information you need before visiting Dubai Frame.

4. Dubai Marina-City within a City

Dubai Marina is located on the Persian Gulf coastline. The area is home to approximately 55.000 people, and it is a popular tourist destination. You can do many things in the area such as walking around Jumeriah Beach Residence or going on a cruise. Cool, huh? You can explore Dubai Marina from a cruise boat for only $50. To find out more, visit our Dubai Marina page.

5. Dubai Miracle garden – Colorful dreamland

It is a wonderful place to lose yourself in the colorful world of flowers and green grass. You will be astonished by the variety of animals, houses, and other objects made from flowers. Famous Walt Disney characters can be found among the flowers if you’re a Disney fan. We have some good news. The garden is completely sustainable because the water is recycled and filtered. To give you the most current information, we have dedicated an entire page to Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai city tour- Things to Do in Dubai that we recommend to Everyone

It’s quite impressive to see popular sights. If you really want to see Dubai, you should take a cruise on a dhow or go on a Desert Safari tour. We have the perfect option for you if your tastes are more refined. Dubai is one of our top luxury vacation destinations

1. Helicopter Ride – Dubai From Sky

If you enjoy flying high and would like to see the city in a completely different way, we suggest a helicopter ride. This will allow you to fly all around the city. You have the option of either private or shared helicopter rides, depending on your budget and preference. A shared ride costs around $200, while a private one will run you three times as much.

2. Unforgettable cruise adventures

Dubai Marina is where tourists can enjoy dhow cruises. This district or city, as it is now known, is situated on an artificial canal. There are two types of dhows: one that is open to the public and one that has large windows. Dhow cruise packages can include a DJ to make it a truly memorable party experience. You can also enjoy a 3-hour dhow cruise with lots of food in Dubai Marina.

3. Stop at your favorite location.

These types of tours are common for people who travel frequently. For those not familiar, hop on, hop off bus tours allow you to board a bus at a desired location and then wait for the next bus to arrive. It will cost around $70 depending on when you go and how long you stay.

4. Safari Dubai – The ride you’ve always wanted

You’ve seen camels moving slowly through the red dunes, or large vehicles cutting the sand at a tremendous speed, like Mad Max. But in Dubai you can experience it for yourself. You can rent a quad bike to ride the dunes, try sandboarding, or take a camel ride. It costs around $70. You’ll be amazed at how the desert can actually be cooler than the city due to the sand.

Places to Visit in Dubai With Family – Discover Attractions for Kids in Dubai

Following are some places worth visiting if you bring little ones:

1. Ski Dubai: Snow and 40 Degrees?

Children can be stressed by the hot Dubai temperatures. We recommend taking them to Ski Dubai, an indoor ski area. You read it right, there is a skiing area within the Mall of the Emirates. We can still enjoy skiing in this area, even though it is 40 degrees outside. Don’t need any equipment as everything will be provided once you arrive. Enjoy toboggan and sled rides, ice caves, giant snowballs, and tobogganing with your children. This is an experience that will memorize for live. The price of the ticket will vary depending on how much time you spend in Ski Dubai, and the activities you choose to engage in.

2. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

This aquarium and underwater zoo is located in Dubai Mall. It holds the record for being the largest indoor aquarium in the entire world. Dubai is truly a record-breaker, isn’t it? It is home to over 30 000 animals, including the largest collection ever of sand Tiger Sharks. A 48-meter long tunnel gives visitors a 360-degree view of the submarine animals from all sides. The aquarium offers a boat ride and diving with sharks, stingrays, and other marine life to those who are brave and interested.

3. Dubai kite Beach – A sun-seeking paradise

Kite Beach is a popular choice because of the many activities that you can do there. Watersports enthusiasts and fun-seekers can enjoy stand-up paddling, kitesurfing or wakeboarding. Beach volleyball is a great option for those who don’t like water. It also let you to make new friends. Some prefer to relax and sunbathe on the beach. Others might choose to eat at one of the many food trucks or shops that offer delicious food.

4. Dubai Theme Parks – Your kids will love

Dubai has many theme parks that children will love. These are some of our favorite places.

IMG Worlds of Adventure is a park that caters to superhero and dinosaur lovers. It also features cartoon network characters. For kids looking for a serious adrenaline rush, the park offers a Velociraptor rollercoaster.

Legoland Dubai is a place for children aged 2-12 years. The park offers many games that allow children to play together and get to know one another. Did you know that Burj Khalifa Lego Model is the highest Lego building in the entire world?

Motiongate Dubai is the last of our favorites. It’s a theme park that was inspired by animation and action films. Visit Motiongate Dubai if you enjoy rollercoaster rides and films.

Final Words

We’ve got your attention, right? Now you are excited to visit Dubai and ready to book your flight. Be respectful of the culture and have fun while you’re there. Bon voyage!

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