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download nix injector apk latest version v1.60 free for mlbb

by apk mole

NIX injector Review:

The NIX injector apk is a modifier app that hacks the game mobile legend: bang bang. It gives access to paid items like unlocking all skins, drone view, unlock all effects and many more of mlbb game without any cost. This tool is easy to use even a newbie player can also inject this app and joy into its game. It is developed by nix and it hasn’t any passwords. it will hack all premium items.

New technology and new innovation had changed people’s life. Every day a new technology is going to introduce in every field. Many new gaming zones social sites, websites, tv channels, and many more are introduced. Today’s topic is a brief description of the gaming zone “mobile legend: bang bang (mlbb) and it hacks”.  Mobile legend bang bang is one of the largest platforms for android gamers. This is a brainy and strategy game. The initial stage of this game is quite easy but after passing a few levels it gets difficult. If a player has enough diamonds/coins he pursues the game and gets access to premium items. and if a player hasn’t these then they spend real money.  To make it easy many other developers work on these games and develop apps like the nix injector app. you can free download Nix Injector Apk latest version v 1.60 for mlbb.

features of the nix injector app;

this app is full of surprises and has many features. a brief description of some feature are mentioned below: unlock all skin:

  • It unlocks mlbb skins like a marksman, mage,  tank, support, assassin, etc.
  • This app unlocks above 500 ml skins.

unlock all effects:

  • Nix injector apk unlocks more than 40 recalls.
  • It has also 10+ respawn effects.
  • It gives 11 elimination free of cost.
  • This app also gives access to up to 5 notif of kill effects.

battle effects:

  • This app has10+  unlock emotes.
  • It has up to 10 unlocked analogs.
  • This tool has high graphics and smooth maps which are up to 10.

background effects:

  • It has free multiple background effects like lobby, loading screen,  and profile.
  • This tool has background music bluebird,  fearless.

drone view:

  • A Player can use unlock drone view with a backup option to reset its view.
  • The range of drones is up to 5x, like range 1x,2x,3x,4x, and 5x.

the general feature of the nix injector app

  • it has a simple UI system.
  • it is free of cost.
  • now it supports android 11.
  • it is totally free of bugs.
  • no promotion and ads.
  • this app is anti-ban.


NIX injector apk is the finest app to hack all the premium items of mobile legend bang bang. with help of this tool, a player can easily defeat his opponents, enjoy the game for free of cost, and prove himself as a pro player. we provide different apps, tools, and injectors like fransu ml injector,  mykkie skin injector,  papski injector and many more for ml games. we have also tv apps like thoptv, HD stream, pikashow, stream India, and many more.



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