Do You Need a Commercial Remodel?

by profitparrot

Just like your home, your commercial building needs remodeling to keep up with these ever-changing times. You need to adapt to modern styles that will keep your building looking stylish and attract customers.

Unfortunately, commercial building owners tend not to remodel. This could be due to financial reasons or because they do not want to stop operations. Sometimes, they do not even know it’s time to remodel.

Many commercial general contractors Calgary has will tell you they can remodel your building, but it is time? What are the signs that tell you that it’s time to remodel?


Aging is one of the most prominent signs that you need to remodel your building. Some examples of aging include cracks on the walls, wear on the floors, and roof leakage, among others.

If you notice any of these, then it is time to hire a commercial contractor to remodel your building. Besides changing the look of your building, this also ups the value of your property.

Lack of Space

Businesses change and evolve. For example, when fast food restaurants had to create space for drive-through windows. Therefore, as your business grows, so should your business space. Maybe you need more space for products, employees, or even customers.

When choosing to remodel your building, you don’t necessarily have to add more space; you just have to rework what is already there to optimize space better.

Outdated Décor

It is possible that you started running your business back in the 90s or maybe even earlier. However, your building doesn’t have to look like you have, and if it does, then it’s time to consider a remodel.

If you aren’t sure your building is outdated, take a look at your neighbouring buildings or visit similar other commercial spaces.

Having an outdated-looking building can be bad for business, especially if your business is fashion-based.

Therefore, you need to keep the design of your building as updated as possible. Not only will this help you to keep and attract customers, but it will also have a positive effect on employee morale.

Inefficiency of Employees

Are your employees having a hard time getting their work done? If you have an office space, maybe the restroom is too far from their offices, or the printer is in an inconvenient spot.

Alternatively, your business could have employees constantly moving to meet demand. In a situation like this, are they bumping into each other?

Issues like these can lead to lower performance and morale. So, if you notice any of these problems or others, then it’s time for a remodel. Asking your employees what they think is a good way to find out what they need.


You might worry that remodeling will halt operations, but it does not always have to, and even if it does, the reward, in the end, is worth it.

Do you think it’s time to remodel and need the best commercial general contractors Calgary has to offer? Then, you should contact Astra Construction Management; we can help you take your commercial building to the next level. To find out more about what we can do for you on our website.

By – Profit Parrot

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