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Do I Have to Wear Lingerie to My Boudoir Photoshoot?

by profitparrot

A photoshoot is a tense event for most people since it isn’t something we are used to doing every day. However, it gets even tenser when it is a boudoir photoshoot. There are many misconceptions about this type of photography, and people often get the wrong idea of what happens during a boudoir shoot.

Do I Have to Wear Lingerie to My Boudoir Photoshoot?

Yet, it is natural to have doubts. For example, do I have to wear lingerie to my boudoir photoshoot? Which poses should I do? Let’s see what happens during the photoshoot so you can understand better this incredible type of photography.

First of all, what is boudoir photography?

Boudoir is a French word used to refer to the rich women’s private sitting room during the 19th century in France. Since this room was private and a place that allowed the woman to be herself, the term grew to refer to intimacy and getting to know how you are, and that’s what boudoir photography is.

It is a portrait of your soul, an intimate photography session. It isn’t as sexual as people say. At least, it isn’t its objective. A boudoir shoot aims to portray who you are and how you express yourself perfectly. Therefore, if you are a sexy person, the photos may appear sexy. Yet, it depends on how you feel during the sessions.

Anyone can do a boudoir shoot. It is about self-discovery and gives everyone a great boost of confidence.

What do I need to wear during a boudoir session?

You should dress what you want to dress. Again, the boudoir session is quite intimate, so many women choose to wear lingerie so they can express themselves better. However, that isn’t obligatory. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing lingerie, don’t worry; you are not obliged to do it.

Usually, during a boudoir shoot 3 outfits are used. So, one or two of them can be different sets of lingerie. The studio commonly has some accessories that help to compose the picture. Before doing your session, you should talk to your photographer so you can come together to conclude what’s best for you to dress. Remember that a good photographer will never make you feel uncomfortable. However, remember that boudoir is about self-discovery, which may lead to new challenges.

How should I pose during a boudoir session?

The photographer will teach you poses that highlight your qualities and aura. Don’t worry about the posing. Some people feel silly doing the poses, but they are essential for the composition of the pictures. Believe in yourself; the result will come out as excellent.

If you are looking for a specialist in boudoir photography in Vancouver, you are with luck. Mateus Studio is a great pick for you since they are an award-winning international photographer. Check their website out, see their portfolio and book a session immediately.

By – Profit Parrot

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