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Discover the famous locations in New York City

by flightsbooking

While you plan a trip to this amazing place, it offers various surprises. However, it’s the center of attraction in the United States. On the other side, there are numerous Best places to visit in New York that carry a great reputation & worth paying a visit. 

It’s a famous name & quite renowned for several reasons that engage worldwide visitors. On the other side, the city comprises great buildings you have seen in the movies. 

Although the US is often known from its business perspective, you’ll get introduced to another version of travel for vacation. 

Here are some top spots in New York:

Statue of liberty:

Unlike the city, it’s also among the famous sites to explore while strolling in the country. However, it always holds the top spot in travellers’ wish lists due to its renowned aura. 

It was a gift from France to America & represents the symbol of freedom. On the other side, flying to the United States through JetBlue Airline offers the cheapest flights & best deals. However, flying with the help of Jetblue Best Fare Finder, you get low-budget flights quite easily. 

The interesting thing is it’s among the world’s largest statues, which stand about 152 ft from the base torch. 

Central Park: New York

The beautiful central park is another location that offers you unique vibes while travelling in the city. However, it primarily provides the best picturesque views from all around, along with the top moments. 

During the winter, you can get yourself ready with the skates & move across the Wollman ring. Well, it’s a huge park that offers travellers numerous delightful moments. On the other side, this green space comprises multiple things that make your trip more exciting. 

You can also click several pictures while exploring the different corners of the park & create memories. 

Rockefeller top:

If you want to enjoy the trip in a better way, then welcome to Rockefeller center. Multiple things include it being among the Best places to visit in New York and providing unbelievable experiences. 

This major entertainment & shopping hub is located in the center of Manhattan. It’s a place where NBC-Tv & other media houses operate. However, there is an observation deck that has about three floors. It offers marvellous views indoors & outdoors for worldwide travellers. 

But you can purchase a ticket to the observation deck in advance. Several other things can make you feel more comfortable & special while being on holiday. 

Museum of art: New York

You might feel a bit funny, but a place’s art also represents its great culture & traditions. However, these things help you to get to know about creative concepts. On the other side, the localities call it Met, founded in 1870. 

Although the permanent collection has over 2 million artefacts dating back 5000 years, In fact, the museum comprises about three sites & the centrepiece is Met Fifth Avenue. It’ll be a great experience for the visitors. 

On the other side, flying with JetBlue Airlines to these venues always provides amazing services & other benefits. The other facility is you can make jetblue call back requests through the official website. 

Empire State building:

Welcome to the other key attraction in NewYork city, which is the Empire Building. Let’s get into some additional details about it, such as it’s about 381 meters tall, along with 102 stories. But, it wasn’t until the first world trade center became taller in 41 years. 

There are two observation decks & both of them offer jaw-dropping views. However, visiting under the clear clouds offers views up to 80 miles. On the other side, it fell due to the airships that were built again becoming more famous. 

Moreover, the observation deck on the 87th floor, about 1,050 ft, is the highest. These things make your whole trip full of amazing surprises & great adventure. You might feel a bit similar as it’s been vital in several movies & shows that make it quite famous. 

6.9/11 memorial museum: New York

No one in the world is quite unaware of the 9/11 attacks when the twin towers, about 110 stories, were attacked by Jetliners. However, to learn about you can visit the National September 11 museum, which is a way to pay tribute to 3,000 people who were killed in the attack. 

You might have got to know about several things through textbooks & the internet. However, it’s also among the Best places to visit in New York, where you can come across several specialties. The main motive is to create more awareness & get a recall about those incidents. 

But, getting a live experience is something beyond what you could not imagine. Moreover, it’s an architectural masterpiece built with a curving glass building between a pair of poles. Several interesting details can help to get more information about the incident. 

High lane: New York

High lane is the other spot where you can spend quality time in New York City. However, visiting here in the evening is quite amazing. It was a rail line during earlier times, but it transformed into an Urban walking trail. 

You can try to move around & get to know the other areas to enjoy in much better ways.

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