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Different Roles and Responsibilities of Commercial Electrical Contractors

by andrewmillar

Electrical installations are risky. Moreover those may prove difficult as well especially if you do not the right training or skill sets. Considering these factors it is always wise to rely on professional electrician services for any electrical task in your home or workplace. In the following section let us discuss few electrical jobs for which you have to call out a licensed electrician

Electrical jobs that require trained and skilled pair of hands

Upgrading electrical panels – upgrading electrical panels is necessary to avoid certain issues related to the electrical system. These issues usually occur due to installation of modern appliances that are based on advanced technology in older homes. Modern versions of electrical panels are safer and more reliable compared to the older ones.

Electrical circuit or wiring – when circuit breakers trip repeatedly it may indicate a fault in the existing electrical circuit. Electrically you are safe as long as the safety mechanism in your circuit breakers works properly. Therefore it is better to hire a licensed commercial electrician to diagnose and correct the problem.

Fan installation – installing ceiling fans is a time consuming and complicated task. Moreover this range of electrical devices is quite heavy although it may not seem so from outside. Installing ceiling fans is not easy. It is not an ideal DIY job for amateurs. It is always better to leave this task for professionals. Even installation of exhaust fans throws its own challenges. An exhaust fan – as we all know – not only controls odour but also temperature and moisture levels in your home.the device prevents damage to your home from mildew and mould. Trained electricians are better equipped and more capable to install exhaust fans.

Common electrical installation problems

In every remodelling project there can be mistakes. Even the most skilled and experienced pairs of hands may commit a mistake while electrically remodelling your home or property. These mistakes are never intentional and nor do they occur every time. But the chances are always there. Such mistakes also cost money. Most frequent mistakes that occur during electrical installations. Common mistakes that occur frequently include the following –

Wiring that is uncertain

It is important to ensure that the staple that hold the wire in place are driven inside up to a certain level. If it is left unattended to the wire will end up loosening. Moreover tightly driven staples can damage the wire. In easier words precision is the keyword in handling this job.

Wiring sizes that are incorrect

Wrong sizes in wiring can completely mess up the electrical installation in your home. Moreover the problem may easily lead to overheating and even chances of electrical fire cannot be neglected. There is a purpose for every wiring size. The size is meant to withstand as well as carry the right proportion of electrical current. Usually the thicker the wire the more current it transmits.

Incorrect length of wiring

It is necessary to install the wiring in correct length. Professional commercial electrician can make out the correct length of wiring. And this is why this particular job related to your electrical system should always be entrusted upon technically sound and qualified commercial electrician. Wrong lengths in wiring not only costs you excess money but may also lead to serious issues in future. The fault may also result in improper strips, as a result of which there could be interruptions in electrical connection. Moreover there are chances of short circuits.

Wiring that is unprotected

Wiring get damaged when left in the open without any covering and exposed to the climatic conditions. This is the primary reason why an uncovered power box installed outdoors is a bone of content for most homeowners. However the problem has an easy solution. Get a power box that is particularly meant for outdoors and install it. Now your wiring will easily last for years at a stretch.


When safe wiring jobs are concerned, tight electrical connections are a primary factor. Loose connections often lead to overheating as well as arcing. As a result of these two issues, your property is more prone to electrical fires and personal injury. A skilled and experienced commercial electrician knows to select the right connector that smoothly fits the wires. The right connector also lines up the end of each wire with the next as a result there is no chance of nicked, twisted or bent connection.

Most electrical issues that arise at the time of wiring installation (or reinstallation) are easy to resolve. However some of the issues could turn dangerous if somehow missed by the electricians while working on the project. One of the best places for commercial electrical contractors is the Electric Works London. We are located at the Shaftsbury Centre on the Barlby Road. Every electrician in our team is registered with the NICEIC. So this tells you the kind of service you can expect from us. We cater to both domestic and commercial clients in and around London.

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