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Current Obsession: Wedding Decorators with Pinterest Aesthetics

by theworldcrawler

Have you imagined having breathtakingly lovely wedding decorations? A soon-to-be-married couple’s creation of a mood board is no easy task given their extensive wedding to-do list and impending commitment to one another on this important day. These innovative approaches to wedding decorators, which range from all-white settings to vibrant extravaganzas, are guaranteed to generate some priceless images for your wedding album.

Let there be light

You can never go wrong with that red and gold look. However, if you want a modest appearance and feel, keeping your mandap completely white (perhaps with some greenery for contrast) is a great alternative. 

Bring out the rainbow for Haldi 

What about a Haldi ornament with more colours than just yellow or marigolds? The gorgeous rajanigandha and carnation bouquet have us completely smitten.

Lavender overdose

Enter this airy mandap setting into your mind. What else do you need? When you enter the lilac magnificence wearing unique hues, the lavender shade ignites a romance and makes you the centre of attention.

Create a Pinterest-like Roka

Gorgeous gypsophila gives this comfortable at-home setting a lovely air. Set it aside for an unconventional Roka theme.

Introduce nature

Gorgeous gypsophila gives this comfortable at-home setting a lovely air. Set it aside for an unconventional Roka theme.

Spray the baby’s breath with paint

This decorating idea demonstrates the effort required to bring your aesthetics to life. The spray-painted baby’s breath and banana leaf motif give the décor a unique touch.

Wear bright, vibrant colours

The key to changing the design layout is to include new concepts. This one looks magnificent due to the mix of dim lighting, dense vegetation, and numerous flowers and lanterns in various colours.

A Creative Cake

You should conduct extensive research before creating your dream wedding cake. Bubsie Celebrations advises gathering as many images of your favourite cake designs as you can and making sure the cake baker/designer you select has these designs in their portfolio. The colour of the pomegranate fruit is a sight to behold. Remaining undecided? You might want to base your motif on your preferred fruit.

Create a rainbow of hues

The rainbow symbolizes bridges between the gods and the earth. Why not make the rainbow’s vivid colours your theme? You need it now that spring has arrived.

Enjoy the rustic elegance 

This is for Leo and couples with a vintage aesthetic. A mandap that looks like a tropical forest, with flowers appearing to be sprouting on the pillars over decades, thanks to the designer.


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