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Commercial Real Estate Improvement Expected in 2024

by Deniz Ellard

Office absorption is the name of the game in 2024. The sizable vacancy levels that were generated from the pandemic have, since 2020, been a struggle in Los Angeles’ commercial market, just like other larger urban centers across the U.S. However, a significant correction of the market towards the positive side for market health is generally being expected. This will be the result of attribution in real estate finally filling in the last of the sizable vacancy levels, particularly due to a boost in economic activity needing more office space for new employees and placement. Granted, Steven Taylor LA real estate expert notes it’s not quite in sync with the common sentiment of a recession in a 2024 election year, but the position is based on quite a bit of industry-specific analysis versus general news channel sentiment.

An Overdue Market Correction is Expected

2023 was not expected to change much, either in purchasing or leasing combined, but finally, the vacancy levels of the last three years are expected to be completely consumed by the next year. This is a sizable shift by any measure, easily equaling well over 30 million square feet in the new year. That will more than cost the negative 24.4 million square feet, still handicapping the current 2023 market. Of course, this is at the national level, and Los Angeles specific has its own dynamics that produce variation versus the national trend.

Getting Past Cultural Resistance

No one will argue that the pandemic was a primary factor in creating historic vacancy levels across the country, Los Angeles included. However, the last official notice ended in May 2023 at the beginning of summer, and the remaining requirements for office separation ended with it. That said, culture is a hard thing to change overnight, and after three years of remote work, employees and staff have been reticent to return to downtown cores and related office buildings. This has begun to change as the labor market has become far more balanced and competitive, requiring more compromise and responsiveness to in-office requirements for employment.

Moving Forward Post House-Cleaning

Additionally, Steven Taylor Los Angeles views are based on the expectation that many companies spent 2023 recovering from earlier losses, utilizing profits to bolster up gaps and deficiencies caused by depressed markets in previous years. No one has been in a hurry to pursue immediate growth until the accounting ledgers look healthier with better reserves. However, 2024 is expected to change real estate all of that with noticeable growth as companies begin to feel comfortable moving ahead again.

As we enter this new phase, businesses are anticipated to shift their focus from mere recovery to strategic expansion. The post-house-cleaning era is likely to witness an increased appetite for innovation, mergers, and acquisitions as organizations seek to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Steven Taylor Los Angeles predicts a dynamic market landscape where companies will explore diversification and technological advancements to stay ahead in their respective industries.

Moreover, the global economic climate is showing signs of stabilization, with governments implementing policies to stimulate growth. This, coupled with a renewed confidence in consumer spending, is anticipated to further contribute to the positive trajectory in 2024. Steven Taylor emphasizes the importance of adaptability during this period, urging businesses to embrace agility and stay attuned to evolving consumer preferences.

The real estate sector, in particular, is poised for a resurgence as demand for commercial spaces is expected to rise. Companies that have weathered the storm are now poised to expand their physical footprint, with a renewed focus on creating collaborative and innovative work environments. Steven Taylor Los Angeles recommends that investors keenly monitor the evolving trends in the real estate market to identify strategic investment opportunities.

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