Pure Natural CBD Oil

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CBD or cannabidiol is undoubtedly a popular therapeutic compound that has invaded the health industry. With the legalization of industrial hemp, several vendors and companies have emerged selling different types of CBD oil. However, it is essential to go for the most reliable source to make sure it is safe and beneficial for your health.

The Reason behind the Popularity of CBD Oil

With numerous research being carried out on CBD, we have come to know that CBD is a great anti-inflammatory compound that can be used for reducing the symptoms of numerous inflammatory health issues, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn’s disease. Research has also shown that CBD can be used to reduce neuropathic pain and resolve sleep-related issues.

CBD has also been shown to reduce the psychoactive properties of THC. A combination of THC and CBD is best for achieving overall wellness without facing the euphoric effects of the latter CBD is safe and does not cause any severe side effects because it cannot directly interact with the body. The human body is capable of tolerating a significant quantity of CBD per day. CBD is available in different types of products like oil, tincture, capsules, edibles, and topical products.

The Rising Popularity of Organic CBD Oil

Much of the CBD industry is self-regulated; there are only a few brands that offer a guarantee of quality. Buying certified organic CBD has many added benefits, such as:

Quality Product: The soil and the environment are natural, and there are no man-made Chemicals or toxins added to the soil for hemp growth.

Soil Quality: To make sure your industrial hemp crop grows at its organic, the soil’s pH should be slightly alkaline, ranging between 7.0 to 7.5. At this pH, this soil is good enough to retain the moisture and hold the nutrients to be readily available to the growing plants. The hemp plant produces a large amount of plant matter in a brief vegetative period, which means it requires many essential nutrients at the right time.

In the first two months, the hemp plants need an ample amount of Nitrogen along with potassium and phosphorus. Make sure to arrange for 80-200 pounds of Nitrogen per acre, 40-50 pounds of phosphate, and about 70 pounds of potassium per acre.

No Addition of Growth Enhancers: Organic obtained from hemp grown in a natural environment without the use of any stimulators or hormones to expedite the growth and development process

Organic CBD Health Benefits


By now, we know the extraordinary quality of CBD to have indirect interaction with the body and offer numerous health benefits. Pure natural CBD oil has much more to offer. A French study published in 2018 has shown that using organic food can significantly reduce the risk of cancer. 69000 adults were monitored in this study, and there was a 24% reduce the risk of cancer and them.

In 2014 Newcastle University also published an article showing that organic crops contain about 60% more antioxidants than typically grown crops. Organic hemp is nutrient-rich and does not contain compounds or metals such as cadmium.

Heavy metals are usually found in most crops which cause enormous damage to the body organs, especially the liver. All researched benefits of CBD are increased by folds if you switch to using pure CBD oil extracted from organic hemp.

Jama internal medicine conducted research that shows that organic compound can help in improving the natural defense system of the body and helps in fighting invasive diseases such as breast cancer and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

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The Ecocert Definition of Organic

A particular product must have the following characteristics to be organic:

  • At least 95% of the ingredients must be natural
  • At least 10% of the total product by weight should be organic
  • No animal testing
  • The product should have no harmful effect on the environment.


Most of the civil products are obtained from industrial hemp, which is very low in THC and also offers an incredible process of phytoremediation.

Phytoremediation is the process of removing and destroying contaminants along with stabilizing the nutrient level of the soil. If harmful compounds are used to grow Chale Ham, it will mop up the toxic substances, and they may find their way into the CBD oil.

Why Buy Organic CBD Products

In the last 30 years, there has been an increasing demand for organic products because, with recent scientific research, we have come to know how harmful inorganic food can be. People using CBD for wellness practices must know why switching to a certified organic product is imperative.

Organic CBD Is Nutrient Dense

Fertilizers and chemical pesticides are genetically modified and train the soil for its natural nutrients in such a way that it is eventually rendered useless. Hemp grown in natural conditions is rich in vitamins and minerals at the time it is harvested, so when CBD oil is extracted from it, it also offers a rich nutrient profile. It is especially helpful if you are using full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oil which contains other phytonutrients. Not only this, but it also makes hemp seed oil more nutritious and rich.

Organic Farming Supports Pollination

Using herbicides and pesticides means the good and bad Bugs on the crop. However, we need some good bugs and insects to carry out the proper growth process. It is also essential to maintain the necessary level of biodiversity.

Final Thoughts

It took quite a while for CBD to come up in the market but its demand is increasing exponentially every year. More and more people are trying Pure Natural CBD Products to improve overall health or even for different diseases.

It is always better to go for safe and organic CBD Products that are best for improving overall stability and balance in the body. If you are new to CBD or thinking of using it for any health issue, make sure to consult your health care practitioner before taking CBD as the only treatment option for your problem.

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