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Ceramic Coating Car Windows – Pros and Cons to Know

by Kieran Edwards

Protecting your car from environmental factors like UV rays and sun damage is critical – especially in hot areas. As you go down the road, various factors will come your way, but picking a reliable option could be tricky. Have you ever considered ceramic coating your car to guard it against UV and sun rays? If not, you are at the right place to explore so much about the term. Asking questions about ceramic coating will leave you more confused than before, and jumping straight into its pros and cons is good. We have compiled a few prospects and consequences of ceramic coating. Keep walking to learn more!

Before we move forward to exploring the advantages and drawbacks of the term, why not first explore it?

What is the Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a Chemical Polymer solution usually applied to the exterior of a car to protect against environmental damage. Environmental factors like extreme temperature and UV rays damage a car’s paint job. The chemical solution applied to the car will blend with the car’s color, creating an extra hydrophobic layer of protection.

Ceramic coating is a brilliant alternative for waxing, but most car enthusiasts believe it to be a replacement for paint protection film (PPF). Whatever the conception, its sole duty is to protect your car’s factory paint job and give it an attractive look.

Pros of Ceramic Coating:

Ceramic coating is a resilient solution for your car. It protects not only your car’s paint job but also the windows and interior. The hydrophobic nature of the coating means it is easy to clean once applied. Let us roll through the prospects of this coating without wasting further time.

i) Protection from UV rays:

Ultraviolet rays are not human-friendly, and we know it for good. However, your car does not stand too long an exposure to these rays; hence, you better protect the exterior from these rays. Car owners can only imagine the damage caused by harmful UV rays to the paint job. Ceramic coating can help you combat these rays!

Ceramic coating can protect your car painting from oxidizing caused by harmful UV rays. You probably have seen cars wearing a dull look; it is because of the faded paint job. Moreover, coating on windows can protect the interior from these rays.

ii) Protection from chemical stains:

Acidic contaminants in the air can leave stubborn chemical stains on your car if not protected. Moreover, it can cause damage to your windscreen and car windows which needs immediate attention. Do you have issues with your car window that needs experts’ attention? Consider contacting professional car window replacement London technicians and let them help you!

Ceramic coating will protect your car’s painting from bonding with acidic contaminants. Moreover, it can also be a relief amid the rising global pollution rate.

iii) Ease of cleaning:

The hydrophobic nature of ceramic coating makes it an easy element to clean. Washing your car is no less a headache than waxing or detailing. However, with this coating, you don’t need to worry about the Polymer wearing off.

What if you want to remove it permanently? It is easier and requires a few activities like polishing and wet-sanding. However, car owners will never feel like wearing it off as the associated advantages will keep the car safe from external disturbance.

iv) Candy-like gloss:

Do you want to bring the best out of your car’s paint job and improve its visual aesthetics? The ceramic coating could be the perfect solution! The coating gloss and depth of your car’s paint give your car a glossy look.

A candy-like gloss can make your car look perfect and new. It can also help increase the resale value of your car, which many enthusiasts might overlook.

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Cons of Ceramic Coating:

After we have been through the positive aspects of ceramic coating, let us explore some of its drawbacks. The decision does not always produce desired results as some consequences are associated with this coating. These are:

i) Not generally applicable:

The ceramic coating does not apply to every vehicle nor suits every car. It may be a good thing for one vehicle but bad for another. Before you opt for it, you better explore its downsides and know whether it could be a good decision.

ii) Not protective against everything:

Creating several layers of chemical coating around the car does not mean your car is full-proof. You are still prone to stones hitting your window or windscreen and causing cracks. These cracks and chips require experts’ attention, and you must contact car window replacement companies to help you!

Take care of your car windows and windscreen!

Protecting your car windows and windscreen means adding an extra layer of security to your car. These elements protect you from hard objects like stones or wind during your drive. Consider contacting car window specialists to fix problems and add security to your car!

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