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Career The scope of Cabin crew training

Air Cabin Crew group is a full time span that includes flight supervisors air hostesses, pursuers as well as flight attendants. Their responsibility is to the comfort and security of passengers who travel within the aircraft.

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Overview Cabin Crew

The most important duty they have is to verify the authenticity of passengers’ tickets as well as assist in the storage of luggage, and provide security procedures like fastening seat belts and using emergency devices, displaying doors that are closed, etc. They also review of the availability of food and drinks, a first-use toolkit, and other emergency equipments that are available on board. In flight, they serve drinks and food. They are trained to handle emergencies, perform drills to protect and aid passengers. The air cabin team also has to deal with specific issues, such as patients suffering from illness.


Course Details

The minimum training requirement to be a cabin crew member is a 10+2 passing or a degree from an recognized board or university. There are plenty of institutes that offer distinct degrees and guides to certificates such as Certificate of Airline and Travel Management, Cabin Crew Certificate of Certificate of Professional Cabin Crew Services, Certificate of Professional Ground Staff Services, International Diploma in Cabin Crew Training and Certificate guides for aviation education for flight attendants Airport operations, essential flight management, basic airline management, managing tour company and ticketing and ticketing management, among others.

Candidates must be between the ages of 17-27 years old. In addition, some physical characteristics are also necessary to be present for the test. The minimum height of applicants must be 157.five centimeters. Weight has been measured in percentages to the maximum. Most airways hire handiest single applicants. Candidates must have normal eyesight of 6/6 that is uncorrected and prescient in each eye. A fluency in multiple languages can be an advantage when it is introduced. The applicants must be of attractive appearance and clean skin. Numerous brief period educational guides are also available for contributors to the air cabin group.


Career Prospects

Air cabin group members are able to choose from a variety of professions possibility. They are looking at process opportunities for public airways such as Cabin Crew Indian Airlines and Air India. However, most cabin group members choose private airlines that operate on domestic and international routes. Private airlines like Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Spice Jet, IndiGo, and Sahara Airlines are a few top companies that provide cabin crews.

Experienced cabin crews can become supervisors, as well as overseeing the duties of cabin crew members. Many airlines permit group contributors to select various jobs within the airline, depending on their ability to fill the roles available. Certain airlines assign administrative and floor duties to top flight teams of contributors.


Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses

The requirements for cabin group members are increasing every day, many institutions of education in India offer various guidelines for cabin group members.  A few of the most prestigious institutes include: Indian Airlines Limited. Central Training Establishment, Hyderabad : Delhi Flying Club Limited., New Delhi; Sahara India Aviation Academy, New Delhi; Skyline Educational Institute, New Delhi; Flytech Aviation Academy, Secunderabad; Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai; Kuoni Academy of Travel, Delhii; Air Hostess Academy, Delhii; Frankfinnn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi; Freebird Aviation & Management Services, Trivandrum; Avalon Aviation Academy, New Delhi and Jammu; Airawat Aviation Academy, Mumbai; and Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad.



It’s true that pay scales are attractive and the perks and allowances are popular in the airways industry.  To begin the Cabin Crew salary of members of the air cabin group can range from the range of Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 25,500 in line with month on the public airways. For private airways, applicants are guaranteed more lucrative pay packages. The salaries offered by personal global airways are three times higher than those offered in the public sector. Apart from the enticing benefits Air cabin group members have free tickets to flights for themselves as well as their circle of family members on the routes that are included through the airlines. If you’re experienced, you could easily earn between an amount of. 30 – 40,000 per month, depending on the month. The most senior employees earning up to 75,000 rupees. 75,000 per month.


How do you be the Cabin Crew?

  • Candidates should look out for channels for one of a unique job opportunities that can be advertised in national publications and various mass media.
  • When the applicants are selected, they will take the test in writing.
  • Aspirants who have succeeded can be described in the course of discussion with an institution and private interview.
  • If candidates are chosen, the airline will train them for two to three months.
  • Following a successful training the aspirants are put on trainee flights prior to assigning the duties.

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