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Career Scope of MERN Stack Developer

by shams011


If you are familiar with web development, you’ve probably come across many technology stacks to create mobile and online applications. However, a stack is a collection of programming languages, frameworks, and libraries that operate together to let developers create software for their clients. Each stack component is crucial to determine the type of software that emerges from the development process. However, there are two phases to the web development process; client-side and server-side. Thus, Mern is the best option to handle all aspects of web development. Therefore, to learn more about Mern and its related concepts, the MERN Stack Developer Online Training in India is the best in the market for the interested candidate looking for a lucrative career option in this domain.

MERN Stack: Overview

The MERN stack is similar to the MEAN but with one significant difference. The MEAN stack utilizes Angular to construct front-end web apps, whereas the MERN stack uses REACT.

As a result, the MERN stack comprises four powerful web development technologies that, when combined, produce considerably more efficient and effective outcomes. However, MERN is merely the combination of below four technologies. They are as follows:

  • It is a free and open-source document-based database.
  • Express is a Node.js web framework noted for its quickness.
  • React is a JavaScript front-end library for developing user interfaces.
  • js is a JavaScript runtime that runs on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and allows the execution of JavaScript on the server.

MERN Stack Developers

The fundamental advantage of the MERN stack in web development is that each line of code is in JavaScript, a universal programming language for both server-side and client-side code. However, the MERN stack removes the requirement for context switching and helps streamline the complete development process. It provides web developers with the tools they need to construct effective online apps with less work. Developers must find out how to correctly interface different programming languages when utilizing a technology stack that uses many programming languages, but when using a JavaScript stack like MERN, developers need to know JavaScript and JSON.

Responsibilities of MERN Stack Developer

MERN Stack developers are responsible for developing and designing front-end web architecture and creating interactive consumer data from multiple sources. They make judgments on code architecture to enable high-performance products. However, MERN Stack developers are frequently in charge of converting wireframes and PSD designs into usable web apps. They collaborate with development teams and management to design software solutions and are responsible for creating functional databases and applications. Moreover, MERN Stack developers are the primary individual in project planning and scheduling, design discussions, and addressing and fixing any technical difficulties. In general, they perform the following responsibilities:

  • MERN Stack developer helps to develop and design the Front end web architecture.
  • They help to create interactive consumer data from several systems.
  • Make judgments on code architecture to enable high-performance products.
  • Transform wireframes and PSD designs into working web apps.
  • Collaborate with development teams and management to design software solutions.
  • Create functional databases and applications.
  • Participate in project planning and scheduling, and design discussions.
  • Test software to ensure its efficiency.
  • Address and improve any technological difficulties.

Salary Structure of MERN Stack Developer

MERN Stack developers might earn a lot of money based on their skills and the position they hold in any organization. However, the average MERN stack developer can expect to make roughly around $105,000 per annum. Junior developers can earn up to $175,000 per year, while experienced developers can earn up to $87,500 per year.


By looking at skills, responsibilities, and salary structures, we can conclude that MERN Stack developers have a bright future ahead. All you have to do is start getting familiar with JavaScript, ES6 fundamentals, and the related concepts of React and Node.js. For such purpose, you can enroll in the MERN Stack Course in Gurgaon, which will train you to become proficient in these skills and get you a high-paying job.

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