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Can NFT Gaming Enhance The Gaming Experience?

by Marnusharris

What Does NFT Mean?

Virtual assets are already widely used in the gaming business. Since they first appeared in video games decades ago, in-game objects have been increasingly popular. Spending on in-game things has increased as a result of the popularity of free-to-play games and “loot box” mechanisms, with some gamers shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for virtual goods. This is the main reason that various Play to earn game development companies have emerged in the global market.

NFTs are a logical progression of this trend because they give users the ability to produce distinctive digital objects for usage in games. For game designers and developers, NFTs offer up a whole new universe of opportunities. They can now make games with persistent, digital goods that players can own and trade.

NFTs have the ability to alter how we see game economies as well. Players can exchange in-game goods backed by NFTs on secondary markets, establishing an entirely new gaming economy. As a result, new game business models might emerge and players would be able to directly profit from the value they generate in games.


NFTs and game-related stuff


The ability to transform in-game goods into one-of-a-kind tokens is one of the most obvious uses of NFTs in games. Both players and developers might gain from that in a number of ways. 

Players might, for instance, exchange their in-game goods on secondary markets or even sell them to other players directly. It would develop a new gaming economy and enable players to more fully experience the benefits of their “grinding.”

On the other side, developers may employ NFTs to make special things that can be purchased via in-game shops. NFTs could result in the creation of new game business models and provide developers with a means to directly monetise their games.

NFTs could also be used to make “skins” or other decorative components for video games. These objects might be traded on secondary marketplaces, but they would only have decorative value and have no bearing on gameplay.

Of course, it would also enable gamers to display their distinctive gear and may develop a new industry for cosmetics.


NFT examples in gaming


The “CryptoKitty” is one of the first instances of an NFT in gaming. Digital cats known as CryptoKitties are kept on the Ethereum blockchain. Each CryptoKitty is distinct, and they can breed to produce new, distinctive kitties.

 When CryptoKitties first came out in 2017, they were incredibly well-liked and gave rise to a brand-new genre of games termed “crypto-collectibles.”

Since then, several other games have adopted the strategy and begun using NFTs to produce digital objects. For instance, NFTs are used in the game Decentraland to construct virtual land parcels that players may buy, sell, and trade. In Decentraland, you can purchase anything from usernames to avatars.

Decentraland is one of the most ambitious projects in the field and a prime example of how NFTs may be utilised to provide new gaming experiences as a metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain.


What are games with a play-to-earn NFT?


The capability to design “play-to-earn” games is among the most intriguing uses of NFTs in the gaming industry. A play-to-earn game allows users to level up their characters or complete in-game chores to earn real money. In contrast, “pay-to-play” games require users to pay actual money in order to access content or advance in the game.

The popularity of play-to-earn games may be advantageous to both gamers and game developers. Play-to-earn games, for instance, might let users monetize their time and effort for delicious fiat money. P2E games might potentially give creators access to the expanding “time-rich” gaming market.

People who play for a living yet lack the time to devote to traditional, pay-to-play games are said to be time-rich gamers. These video games may be the ideal solution for this market and may encourage the creation of fresh, cutting-edge experiences.


P2E Game Examples


Block Monsters, a digital collection game akin to CryptoKitties, is one of the most well-liked play-to-earn games. Players can capture, breed, and trade virtual monsters in Block Monsters (Blockmons.) Then, you can engage in combat with these monsters to gain rewards. Players can buy and sell items in the game’s in-game store.

Gods Unchained, a collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain, is another well-liked play-to-earn game. Players can purchase, sell, and trade digital cards in Gods Unchained. Players can win prizes in the game’s competitive events as well.

Additionally, a number of classic games are now experimenting with play-to-earn elements. For instance, gamers may now use the game’s virtual money, V-Bucks, to buy, sell, and trade in-game things in the well-known online game Fortnite.


Influence of NFT Games in the Metaverse


Another participant expands concurrently with the growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The virtual reality and metaverse sectors are expanding swiftly, and new initiatives are being launched daily. Their biggest issue is with interoperability and digital identification.

To access services or content online, one must have a digital identity. A crypto wallet like Metamask is typically required by many decentralized applications (dApps) in order to operate.

However, there isn’t a single, universal approach to digital identification. Because each platform handles digital identities differently, people find it challenging to transfer between them.

NFTs can help in this situation. NFTs have the potential to be a platform-agnostic, worldwide type of digital identity. As an illustration, your digital identity in the metaverse might be your avatar in Decentraland. This would make it simple for you to switch between platforms while still having access to the same information and offerings.

A crucial use case for NFTs is digital identification, which is only going to spread as the VR and Metaverse sectors develop.


Give the players more authority


The DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, is yet another recent development in blockchain technology. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a group of smart contracts on a compatible blockchain that govern it.

DAOs give the players back control by allowing them to decide on and direct the direction of the game’s growth. The creation of some really unique and cutting-edge games may result from this new approach to game production.

A game where players may vote on in-game content, such as plot development, gameplay mechanics, maps, etc., would be a good illustration of this idea. This would offer the players a great deal of power and control over the creation of the game and probably result in some extremely unique games.




The ownership of in-game items could likewise be granted to players using NFTs. A player might own their avatar, home, or sword, for instance. It gives users a great deal of influence over the gaming experience and is likely to provide significantly distinct gameplay.

As players begin to own their in-game things and avatars, we can anticipate seeing them becoming much more attached to them. That might result in fundamentally altered social dynamics within games and alter how we engage with our favorite games.

Although DAOs are still in their infancy, they have a lot of potential for the future of gaming. In the future, it’s likely that additional games will try with this idea, and it will be intriguing to see how it develops.


Real World Benefits


The ability of businesses to provide players with tangible benefits is another significant feature of NFTs. Players may, for instance, utilize their NFT to receive special offers on goods or services in the real world.

In the well-known online game Hockey Heroes, NFT holders receive benefits like free tickets to an official NHL game. Thus, NFTs can be used to provide gamers with advantages against non-NFT holders in the actual world.

The blockchain can also be used to store tangible items and distribute them to NFT holders. For instance, a sporting event like FIFA might provide NFT holders with exclusive physical goods. The merchandise can range from t-shirts to cleats that have been personally signed.

NFTs might similarly grant users access to restricted materials or opportunities. An NFT, for instance, can serve as entry admittance to a VIP event, lecture, or performance.


How are fitness games and NFTs related to one another?


Yes, fitness games and NFTs can be associated, to give the quick answer. In reality, there are a few instances where this is currently taking place. One such example is STEPN. It’s an app that enables users to exchange their number of steps for actual cash.

A pair of “sneakers,” which are just NFTs of shoe drawings, must be purchased by each participant. Users who utilize these NFTs can pay for their steps. The quantity of steps a user completes determines how much cryptocurrency they receive and can exchange for money. A leaderboard is another feature of the program that promotes competitiveness and healthy behavior.

According to the platform, users have traveled over 31,979,672,128 meters, or 786,991,807 miles. In other words, people are moving because they are being paid actual money as incentives.


How Can a Game Studio Create an NFT Collection?


A successful NFT drop requires a lot of effort. There are a few considerations you should make if, as a gaming studio, you wish to produce an NFT collection.

You must first clearly understand the subject matter and function of your collection. Are you attempting to promote your game? Reward your devoted customers? or bring in money?

Please get in touch with Suffescom Solutions professionals if you need assistance with the specifics. We can assist you with everything from the planning stages to the execution because we are an end-to-end solution for NFT drops.

You may easily develop and manage your collection with the use of our tools, including the Art Gen, Launcher, and Bot. Our team of professionals can walk you through every step of the process and take care of everything related to smart contracts, ensuring that your drop is a success.


To sum up


NFTs are unquestionably a big advancement in gaming, and they aren’t going anywhere. We may anticipate them having a significant impact on the market in the years to come due to their distinctive advantages.

 NFTs are certain to transform the game industry as we know it, bringing with them social dynamics and real-world advantages. If you are looking for a best web 3 services company in the USA, then contact Suffescom Solutions.

To find out how we can assist you with your NFT needs, get in touch with us right away. We are the top supplier of NFT solutions, and our staff is prepared to assist you in elevating your gaming experience.

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