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Business Plan vs. Strategic Plan: What Are the Differences?

by profitparrot

What Is a Business Plan?

Business plans can holistically be considered compounds of ideas for a company’s economic growth. They are mostly employed by start-ups and entrepreneurs on the lookout for angel investors when first starting a business.

However, even if you are a seasoned business founder with aspirations of expansion into new markets or improving your position in your current one, you can easily be benefitted from the build-up of an effective business plan. If you want to bring to life a successful business plan, you also have to take care of the following subsets:

Financial Plan

If you want to make your business thrive and keep it up and running, you need money. That is the cold, hard truth. Attention, preparation for detail, and a good sense of perception of the future are required, provided you want to issue a proper financial plan.

Having your assets, liabilities, expenses, and company incomes in check is elementary to survive. Knowing where to specifically allocate your capital as well as when and how are vital. This is where the financial plan comes into play.

Organizational Plan

No business plan can be properly set up without a sound organizational plan of the company’s sources. The organization’s core elements, such as its vision and values, are something to consider, as they will vastly determine what market niche is best for your company to exploit.

The organizational plan is what enables you to determine how marketable your company is within a given segment. It allows you to properly gauge the chances for success before any tangible actions are taken.

Marketing Plan

Once you know what your company has and where it is going to develop its capabilities, it is time to develop a marketing plan. B2B market research, brand establishment strategies, and customer retention measures are all valuable actions to achieve success.

What Is a Strategic Plan?

Strategic plans are principally utilized to refine a company’s processes and streamline its operations. If you want to get to a particular destination, your strategic plan tells you how. No proper strategic plan exists without the following components:

The Vision

The company’s vision is a statement of where it heads and what it stands for. It is a cohesive, inspirational message that binds all company members into working toward a higher goal.

Goals and Principles

Goals can be considered the company’s milestones and objectives. You have to scale these and subdivide them into long-term and short-term in order to establish a solid strategic plan. They are the link between the actions and the vision and values. All of these have to be aligned with the ethical principles laid out in the statement of values.

Action Plan

Last but not least, the action plan! These concrete, planned steps are what are going to take your company to its final destination. Set achievable milestones based on realistic planning, and success is right up the alley.

Main Differences Between Them

They mostly differ in purposes and timeframes. Most of the time, business plans are concrete plans used for less than a year to get companies running under unified criteria. On the other hand, strategic plans are used for the long run to make businesses grow sustainably.

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By – Profit Parrot

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