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Book your seats with Air Canada

by bookaflightdeals

Flying to any destination offers an incredible trip experience for the passengers. But, it can be more amazing if you travel in your desired seats. However, the main thing is, What is the process of selecting an Air Canada seat? 

It’s a renowned Canadian airline & also serves to be the flag carrier of the country. However, throughout several years the main motive has been to provide commuters with an exclusive travel experience. 

The main reason to board a flight is to enjoy the journey differently & the respective airline ensures the same features. 

How to make the seat selection with Air Canada?

If you want to enjoy the trip while sitting in your desired seats, then here are the steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Air Canada.
  2. On the homepage, hit the manage booking option.
  3. You must enter the six-digit reference number followed by the first & last name.
  4. Now, click on the find the bookings
  5. After that, click on the seat option.
  6. As you click here, it’ll show you the availability of the seats
  7. Here, you can also see the different options like premium, economy, basic, latitude & other options. 
  8. Now, choose the right seat that fits your budget.
  9. After selecting the seat, you must pay the fare difference if applicable.
  10. Moreover, you’ll get confirmation of the registered id & number. 

For more details, refer to Air Canada Seat Selection policy & get more deatils. 

Explain the seat selection policy of Air Canada.

Well, to get more information about it, here are the points:

  1. The passengers can make their seat selection within the limited time of 24 hrs.
  2. However, you can make a booking & also pay in advance. 
  3. For all the airline members who wish to upgrade their seats, then it’s free of cost. 
  4. You can primarily upgrade your seats within the 3hrs of the scheduled departure, but you need to pay for it. 
  5. On the other side, you can choose the desired seats by connecting with a live person from the airline. 
  6. You can also pick your desired seats from the official website. 
  7. Now, pay the charges if you try to upgrade the seats at the last moment.
  8. In case you are traveling along with an infant or with a disabled person, then you can get the seats according to your choice. 
  9. However, if you have joined any airline program, then upgrade the seats for free. 
  10. While flying abroad, passengers can upgrade their seats within 48 hrs. But, if you didn’t upgrade, then pay the charges. 
  11. You can also make the seat selection during check-in. 

How to make an advanced seat selection?

It’s quite an easy process & here are the points :

  1. Access the official website of Air Canada.
  2. On the homepage, look for the Check-in option.
  3. Here, you need to provide the reservation details & hit the continue option.
  4. Now pick the seats for your the booked flight & hit the next option. 
  5. However, you might need to pay for the charges if necessary
  6. On the other side, you can verify the reservation details & confirm
  7. After completing the above formalities, you’ll get a boarding pass.
  8. You can try to download or print them at your convenience. 
  9. So, these steps will help you select the seats in advance. 

Note: You can also reserve your seats by connecting with Air France Booking to enjoy the trip with other services. 

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