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Blanket manufacturer and exporter India


After a tiring day our body restore itself during sleep. A good sleeps helps in improving the peace of mind. If a bedding and top bed is comfortable then you can take a good sleep for better health. Parag Internation best blanket manufacturer and exporter India will help you to buy a best quality blankets.

In a cold  climate you need a blanket which will keep you warm and give a good sleep. A blanket is a soft cloth which gives warmness to your body. Blankets are exposed to sweat, oils, moistness from beverage spills & other impurities can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus and mildew. A quality of blankets can be divided into many factors like thickness, material, construction etc. Parag International is the best blanket manufacturer and supplier India since 1968. We have an experience of 54 years in manufacturing and export of blankets. We have a dedicated infrastructure with advanced high-tech technology to manufacture a quality blanket according client’s requirement. We are reputed blanket manufacturer and exporter in the market. We deal in various varieties :

Acrylic Blanket
Acrylic Blanket is a synthetic material that serves as an affordable version of wool. Acrylic fabric encompasses higher amount of acrylonitrile monomers than other synthetic material. Articles made from acrylic are best for winter season, like muffler, blankets etc.

Airline Blanket:
Airline blankets are budget friendly and good for your health on the journey of plane. When you will cover yourself with this blanket and see the clouds and sun shining from window, it will be a relaxing moment for you.

Charity Blankets
Charity blankets are of good quality with pocket friendly price. You can donate it and as well as also use itself because the only the name is charity blanket but it is of really a good quality.  It doesn’t seem like it’s for only donation. Person who will get this will always remember you and your family.

Army Blanket:
From the name it’s clear that these blankets have been used in Army/Military/Navy wings. These blankets are thicker even the thinner layer is thicker than the usual blankets. We made this blanket from our heart so that our army officers can feel a comfort and relaxation on their very hard duty on borders. In military these blankets are compulsory to sleep in quarters because the diameter is really good of this blanket. From the diameter we can measure the thickness of the blanket, so you can imagine how good is this.

When a customer goes to buy a blanket then price is a major factor because it’s an investment of customer for at least 5-6 years. Anyone can provide you blankets at cheap price but the quality of that blankets will also cheap like the price. So always invest in good quality of blanket because its one time investment for 5-6 years.

Why to choose Parag International

Parag International is manufacturing blankets from last 54 years so you can say that we really have a very good experience. We are well reputed and dedicated towards our commitement. Customers satistaction is our first goal. You can blanket from anywhere but you will not find that quality which Parag International produce and this makes us best blanket manufacturer and exporter India. Thank you to give me a chance to write an article on your platform.

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