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Best Time to Visit Boston

by jetblueflytrip

As with other New England cities and towns, the ideal time to visit Boston depends on your favourite season, as you can really experience all four there. However, according to both residents and visitors, the spring (May to June) or fall are your best bets for beautiful weather and fewer crowds (September to October). 

The ideal times to go are in the late spring and early fall when it’s not too hot or too chilly and you can enjoy the main sights that make the city a popular tourist destination. Regardless of when you decide to visit Boston, use this guide to help you decide the best time to visit Boston. 

Boston’s climate

One of the wonderful things about Boston is that you can experience all four seasons. Since the weather in each one differs greatly. There are advantages to each season. But deciding which is the ideal time to travel depends on your preferences for snow, greenery, or sunlight.

High temperatures in spring are usually in the 50s to 70s F range, rising to the upper end as June approaches. Average summertime temperatures will be in the low eighties. Although June and even September can get warm, July and August have typical highs in the low 80s.

In the summer, you could think of taking a day trip or weekend getaway to one of the beaches in Massachusetts. They are located to the north or south of the city, or even to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, or Nantucket. But if you decide to spend the night in a seaside city. Memorial Day Weekend through October is often peak season for prices. Book Jetblue flight tickets now to get best offers.  

The end of September and perhaps the beginning of October might continue to be in the 70s as fall approaches. But gradually October and November bring chillier, more fall-like weather.

The temperature drastically decreases once December arrives and stays that way until March. Be mindful of this while making travel preparations. Because Boston has had snowstorms as early as November and as late as April.


You’ll probably find that the crowds aren’t as bad as in other major tourist spots. Even during peak season (May through October). In most cases, you won’t have to wait in the lengthy lineups that you could encounter in other large cities. However, keep in mind that local families normally only have their children off school in the months of July and August. Snow days tend to keep public schools open through the end of June. This makes it even more crowded at tourist destinations, especially at family-friendly sites. It’s usually a good idea to plan ahead. Purchase tickets online if you can if you have certain museums and activities in mind. This will not only guarantee you a seat but may also help.

Boston Seasonal Prices

The months of May through October are traditionally the most expensive for lodging, with October leading the list recently. Due to the hot weather, which frequently makes a day spent at the beach preferable to one spent in the city, costs aren’t quite as exorbitant in July and August as they are in the other months. Bring your parka and go to Boston in January or February for the cheapest alternative.

Access to tourist attractions

You won’t have any trouble getting to the key attractions during the busy season. In the summer, you might even wish to find a method to visit a beach in the Boston region.

From April until late November, everyday activities like the well-known Boston Duck Tours are available. They take visitors out on the Charles River and around various parts of the city. Additionally, holiday duck tours have been provided.

The city doesn’t quite go dark during the winter since Bostonians are used to the colder weather and snow. Ice skating at the Frog Pond and perusing the city’s beautiful holiday decorations, especially in areas like Beacon Hill, are two options for outdoor recreation.

And no matter what time of year it is, there are several indoor museums to explore, from the Children’s Museum to the Museum of Science. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is one that you should postpone till it’s warmer outside because you’ll spend some time outside as the tea is dumped overboard in reenactment.

Popular Boston Events

The Boston Marathon, the nation’s oldest marathon, is one of the most well-known events that draws visitors from all over the globe to the city every year on Patriots’ Day in April. If you don’t mind crowds, it’s an amazing experience whether you’re a runner or a spectator. Expect hotel costs to be far higher than usual if you’re visiting the city the weekend before Marathon Monday. Make sure to make your reservations well in advance. Call Jetblue customer service phone number for assistance regarding booking and other queries.

St. Patrick’s Day is a well-liked occasion in Boston, particularly in Irish communities like South Boston. Its where a parade is held every year. Along the Charles River, there are several celebrations on Independence Day, including fireworks and the yearly Boston Pops concert.

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