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Best Himalayan Treks in India

by vaishali1313


It is never simple to choose one Himalayan treks from the many available. We have given you all the necessary details you may require to select your upcoming trekking destination.

The Himalayas, which are huge and sprawl across India, Bhutan, and Nepal before beginning and ending in Pakistan and China, are home to the highest peaks on Earth. Even though Everest gets most of the attention, there are many other mountains that are equally impressive and unique in their features. This is especially true when you consider the Pamir, Hindu Kush, and Karakoram mountain ranges, which are located west of the Indus.

We were fortunate to be born in a nation that is home to such a magnificent range. We’ve all wanted to trek through the Himalayas at some point in our lives. Some of us have taken that idea and made it a reality, while others are still thinking about it. No matter what, there is always more to discover and peaks to climb; the Himalayan list is far from complete. This article’s goal is to try and answer some of the queries you may have about trekking in the Himalayas.

We’ve made an effort to list some of the best Himalayan treks, in our opinion (however it was quite difficult to pick and choose because all of them are absolutely gorgeous and lovely). However, focusing always helps, and we sincerely hope that you can gain some useful insights from this. Make sure we’ve covered every type, including ridges, lakes, valleys, and more, from the western Himalayas to the eastern Himalayas. Are you prepared to start your grand “trek the Himalayas” excursion?

In the Indian Himalayas, hiking

Triund Trek

In Himachal Pradesh, there is a small hill station called Triund. Triund, a neighborhood of Dharamkot, is located at the base of the Dhauladhar ranges. Known for its breathtaking view, the trail is lined with lovely oak, deodar, and rhododendron trees. The Triund Trek offers a chance to reflect in silence in addition to being a blissful place to walk among the beauty of hand-crafted rocky pathways, small waterfalls, and loads of flora and fauna.2,850 m

Easy to Moderate

We don’t think there’s any reason for you to continue thinking about it now that we’ve listed some of the top Himalayan treks. Pack your bags and follow the road wherever it takes you.

Trek Chadar

In one word, the Chadar experience can be summed up as surreal, but the trek is also full of unique elements. Most Trekkers are captivated by the Zanskari people’s simplicity, adaptability, and acceptance of the harsh challenges, not just the mesmerising landscape, mind-numbing temperature, or the thrilling walk that makes it so phenomenal. In terms of the route’s history, the thick ice that forms on the Zanskar River during the winters makes it easier for the locals to cross it and gather supplies for the upcoming months.

According to the inscription, trekking through Chadar was so dangerous and unreliable in the past that every villager made sure to pay off his debts and obligations before setting out on the trek, just in case the river swallowed them up while travelling.

Height: 3383 m

It is challenging.

Glacier Beas Kund

The powerful river Beas has its source in Beas Kund. You can see the Shitidhar, Friendship Peak, and the Hanuman Tibba from Beas Kund.

Beas makes it simple to identify the Pirpanjal and Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges. The Pir Panjal Mountain Ranges are on one side, and the Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges are on the other. The Beas Kund trek offers a variety of plants and animals. Shepherds frequently camp in the area around Beas Kund with their flocks of sheep and watchdogs.

You experience a sense of purity in the unpolluted beauty of the surroundings. As the glaciers melt, the water there is the purest.

Height: 3700 m

Easy to Moderate Difficulty

“Har Ki Dun”

Trekkers who have attempted to trek the Himalayas in both the summer and the winter will find Har Ki Dun to be a delight.  You can set up your tent near a river or in the middle of a valley, and every night you get to see a tremendous number of stars.

Altitude: 6,200 m

Simple to Moderate Difficulty

“Hampta Pass”

Hampta Pass is a comprehensive destination with its high, dense pine forests, glacier valleys, riverside camping, and more. With a picturesque view of Manali and the Kullu Valley, the route has more than 40 sharp bends. However, the sweeping view of waterfalls and the shifting hues of the mountain at sunrise keep your inspiration intact.

Elevation: 4,270 m

Moderate to Easy Difficulty


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