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Best Bandhavgarh Travel Attractions

by roshanikumarii

Bandhavgarh national park which lies in Madhya Pradesh is a stunning combination of interesting and thrilling stories. It is the only place where India’s first white tiger was observed along with the huge fort of Bandhavgarh which was a gift of Lord Rama to his younger brother Laxmana. Witness ancient man-made caves along with interesting rock paintings and inscriptions and their irresistible charm. Witness a place that includes a huge density of tigers along with adventurous hot air balloon rides. Varying lush green vegetation and scenic landscape make the place an enchanting paradise for tourists. The best part of this famous tourist attraction has so much more to enjoy apart from its wildlife safari and stunning sights. 

Exciting wildlife safari

The national park provides an open jeep safari to travelers which is considered the best way to explore this natural wildlife habitat. The jeep safari adds a fun texture to your adventurous journey that would allow you to capture thrilling wildlife moments for experiencing great wildlife. Enjoy your 4 hours and witness tigers in every zone of the park, either from land or from a top balloon safari. To make the journey better, you are required to carry various things such as a camera, sunglasses, water bottle, binoculars, and many others.

View tigers at Chakradhar

Engulfed with dense hilly areas, Chakradhara comes among the most famous places in Bandhavgarh national park where you could witness tigers. The place also includes varying species of fauna and flora that would amaze you. It is via Chakradhar only that you could visit another most popular tourist destination in the park, Bandhavgarh fort. Witness varying types of wild cats such as Bamera, Bheema, Kankati, Chandini, Dotty, Rajbhra, and many more types.

Thrilling hot air balloon rides

Experience the most thrilling and exciting hot air ballooning in Bandhavgarh which offers you the most stunning views. Explore the varying species of flora and fauna during a hot air balloon ride and make your journey more enjoyable. Skywaltz balloon safari provides a great ride to travelers along with immense safety and enjoyment. Explore the glistening water that flows below along with beautiful natural wildlife from the sky.

Enjoy a day with the Baiga community

Meet the diverse tribal community of this place, the Baiga community, and witness their close connection with mother nature. You would not only be amazed by their lifestyle but also could grab good knowledge regarding varying medicinal plants. Apart from this, make sure to enjoy the authentic taste of Baiga thali and their local culture, as the flavors they use in their cuisine are unique and delicious.

Shopping amidst Bandhavgarh market

Bandhavgarh is not only limited to wildlife but it provides a chance for shopping also and you could witness the market from balloon rides in Bandhavgarh. There are a huge number of shops outside the national park from where you could purchase various items such as wildlife books, clothes, and much more. You could also get pictures of tigers that got clicked inside the park.

Bandhavgarh fort trekking

Trekking for one hour from Bandhavgarh national park to Bandhavgarh fort is something that you can’t afford to miss. Witness the trekking via sky balloon ride in Bandhavgarh and get amazed at the sight. It is recommended to have a guide with you to reach the fort. Witness various caves stuffed with scripts and paintings and the trekking becomes thrilling and you could get to know more about the region.

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